How to Approve or Deny Approval Request in Microsoft Teams

More Ways to Use Approvals in Microsoft Teams | Blueshift Innovations

Microsoft online tools are some of the best for managing and securing your data in all kinds of organizations in terms of the size of the organization. Microsoft Teams is just one of those online tools to keep your working on a project in order and organized.

In this post, I will be explaining how to use one of the extensions or you may call it an app in Microsoft Teams in an organization. It will not only help you manage projects and work efficiently but also save time and money. Microsoft Development firms always stress upon the professional way of working when it comes to set up these online business tools in order to get better productivity for your organizaton. 

Let’s explore what we are going to talk about here with Microsoft Teams.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that allows you to connect with Read More


Beach lifeguards save lives with data – current status and future  directions - Injury Prevention: Editor's Blog

A lifeguard is a professional who has trained to prevent drowning in order to preserve the lives of bathers who are involved in a critical situation at sea, river or pool. This profession emerged in the 20th century, and England was one of the first countries to develop the lifeguard service.

Usually found on more frequented beaches, the Lifeguards are always prepared to provide immediate assistance to bathers or to warn of the risks caused by jellyfish, sharks or other dangers.

To become a Lifeguard, it is necessary to have completed elementary school, be up to date with electoral obligations, not have suffered any type of criminal conviction, be at least eighteen years old and at most thirty-five years old, in addition, to go through the rigorous selection process.

The selected candidates are hired under the statutory legal regime, commonly hired in the months of January, February and March, and … Read More