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From Saturday, students will have to follow exam-style seating arrangements in classrooms and all activities conducted in public spaces – such as learning journeys – will be suspended.

Group sizes in all activities will be reduced from eight to five people, and the overall capacity for activities such as lectures cannot exceed 50.

The remaining National School Games competitions will also be suspended to minimise intermingling of students across schools and institutions.

These are some of the latest measures announced by the Ministry of Education (MOE) yesterday, as Singapore takes stricter measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the community.

These measures will take effect until May 30.

They apply to MOE kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, special education schools, junior colleges, Millennia Institute and institutes of higher learning.

“The latest measures aim to reduce intermingling of students across schools/institutions and minimise external activities, while ensuring that teaching and

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Pinelands competing in Shore Conference’s inaugural girls flag football league | High School Live

Davis plays basketball at Pinelands.

“I really like it,” said Minarik, 15, of Little Egg Harbor. “I feel like everyone stereotypes boys playing it, but I honestly think girls can play it, too. It is so amazing that we got this opportunity to play. I hope in the future more schools can do it, too.”

The freshman quarterback used to play coed flag football at South Jersey NFL. But having a league for just girls is special, and she was amazed how many girls joined the team in the first year.

“It is so cool that we were given such a great opportunity and to see how far this program can go,” said Poling, 16, of Tuckerton. “I’m thankful we were given the chance to do it. It’s really exciting to finally have it at our school.”

Davis, a junior wide receiver and safety, played with her brothers and their

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The Indie Video Games Bringing South and Southeast Asian Food to Your Screen

Video games use all kinds of techniques to evoke a response from players. Often, it’s an appeal to the senses: a jumpscare, a vibrating controller, evocative music. But pixels have a hard time representing smell and taste. Plenty of video games feature food nonetheless, whether that means pizza as a power-up (think the arcade classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time) or as a gift to gain the affection of a game character, à la Stardew Valley. With some exceptions (such as the painstakingly rendered dishes in Final Fantasy XV,) food in video games is often an afterthought.

Recently, though, developers and programmers from around the world have made their passion for food playable. In all of these upcoming games, cuisine becomes a tool to explore complex subjects, from immigration and diaspora to family and love.

In <em>Venba,</em> players cook while reconstructing incomplete recipes.
In Venba, players cook while reconstructing incomplete recipes. Courtesy of
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Gannon’s ‘Healthy Kids at St. Ben’s’ program provides health care education

Gannon University’s Villa Maria School of Nursing faculty and students are leveraging a partnership with the Saint Benedict Child Development Center in Erie to provide health care awareness and educational opportunities to the center’s pre-school children and their families.

The program, called Healthy Kids at St. Ben’s, is sponsored through a $5,000 grant from the Stackpole-Hall Foundation, which assists organizations and institutions in enhancing the social welfare of the area.

The program will launch this coming all to serve socioeconomically disadvantaged families by providing the knowledge and tools needed to best care for their child’s health and developmental needs.

“We are a community-based program,” said Lisa Quinn, Ph.D., C.R.N.P., M.S.N., associate professor of nursing. “We look at people where they are at in our community and reach out to them in service.”

Under the leadership of Quinn and Shannon Scully, M.S.N., R.N., instructor of nursing, junior-level pediatric nursing students will

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