Becca Meyers, six-time Paralympic medalist, withdraws from 2021 Games after being denied medical accommodation

Becca Meyers, one of Team USA’s most decorated Paralympians, withdrew from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics after her request to bring a personal care assistant was denied.  The deaf-blind 26-year-old wanted her mother to serve as her PCA, claiming the alternative was one PCA for all 34 Paralympic swimmers. 

In a social media post, Meyers explained her decision, and shared her side of the story about the accommodations that the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee offered her.

“The USOPC has denied a reasonable & essential accommodation for me, as a deaf-blind athlete, to be able to compete in Tokyo, telling me repeatedly that I do not need a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) “who I trust” because there will be a single PCA on staff that is available to assist me and 33 other Paralympic swimmers, 9 of whom are also visually impaired. The USOPC has approved me having a trusted PCA

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Moviebook Shares Insights on Trending Sports and Education Technologies

BEIJING, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Moviebook, a leading AI-powered infrastructure and service provider of intelligent video production, has opened up to share their valuable insights into AI technologies that potentially have the capacity to influence large-scale sports events, such as the upcoming competitions in Tokyo, as well as the education industry.

Moviebook’s insights include a number of ways in which AI technologies can enhance the sports viewing experience. Through using digital twin and VR/AR technologies, organizers are able to reproduce life-size digital replicas of athletes without the use of motion sensors or 3D glasses. Intelligent video production technologies can be used by broadcasters to seamlessly integrate sponsors’ brand elements into the viewing experience without disrupting the entertainment. Moreover, facial recognition and machine learning can be leveraged to generate smart highlights that accurately recap major events, providing an exceptional and comprehensive viewing experience both online and offline.


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UL groups hold drive to help new teachers

Two UL groups are hosting a classroom supply drive to help new teachers get ready for school.

The drive is hosted by the UL Lafayette Educators Rising Collegiate Chapter and the College of Education Alumni Chapter.

“Teachers are the heartbeat of education, and classrooms can be rich and bustling learning environments that inspire creativity, collaboration, and growth. Please drop off classroom supplies to support new teachers from UL Lafayette’s educator preparation programs as they enter the classroom,” a release states.

The drive will be on Saturday, July 24, 2021, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. in the Maxim Doucet Hall Parking Lot, 1401 Johnston Street.

You can drive into the parking lot of Maxim Doucet Hall (across from Papa John’s Pizza) to be greeted and your items collected.

Here’s a list of what’s needed:

  • Children’s Books
  • Classroom Materials & Office Supplies(pencils, crayons, desk name tags, sticky notes, cardstock, dry erase
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How Video Games Could Change University Science Education

Like many others have, I spent some time — maybe too much — playing Spider-Man.

While I thought I’d be taking a break from chemistry research, I found myself web-swinging through virtual research missions all over New York City. I collected samples of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Hell’s Kitchen, studied vehicle emissions in Chinatown and determined the chemical composition of atmospheric particulate matter in Midtown.

Spider-Man has many of these eco-friendly research missions. But what I found most encouraging is that the game also includes tools that can potentially teach advanced concepts in chemistry and physics. These tools include adjusting the wavelength and amplitude of radio waves, rewiring circuits to meet target voltages, and what will be examined here, using absorption spectroscopy to identify unknown chemicals.

Beleive it or not, the millions of people playing Spider-Man have been unwittingly introduced to principles of quantum mechanics. There is a lot

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