12 Free Educational Games for Kids

Educational games are a great way to supplement your child’s learning, especially when they feature familiar characters and fun activities. Make the most of screen time at home with these free websites and apps.

Lego Games

Photo Credit: Lego Games

Lego has an entire section of their website filled with free games where kids can digitally build, race and match with popular Lego brands like Star Wars, Duplo and Batman. Lego also has several free apps available on mobile.

Nick Jr.

Photo Credit: Nick Jr.

Preschoolers will love the variety of games offered on Nick Jr.’s website, from making music with Dora and Boots to solving puzzles with the crew from Paw Patrol.

Fun Brain and Fun Brain Jr.

Photo Credit: Fun Brain

Fun Brain Jr. has both a website and an app filled with math and reading activities geared towards preschoolers. Explore games like Shape Shack, Letter Splash, Rhyme

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Video Games are Transforming Education and Work Around the World

Spurred by the pandemic, immersive tech—augmented reality and virtual reality—transformed how we learn, work and live.

Its real transformational potential is in the emerging markets. Barriers to employment and education lowered by the internet can be altogether eliminated by immersive technologies.

Although rooted in video games, this tech has been forecast to change the world for several years. That promise seemed distant: Google Glasses were unnecessary and FarmVille came and went in a flash.

As the pandemic forced us to live more of our lives online, it has also posed the question of how we can make those online lives as realistic, productive and engaging—in other words, as immersive—as their offline equivalents.

Immersive technology extends and enriches the user’s current experience of reality. It provides suspension of disbelief through creative and technical production values found in video games like Fortnite or TV shows like Black Mirror or The Mandalorian.

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What Type of Connect 4 to Play?

What Type of Connect 4 to Play?You are most likely familiar with the Connect 4 board game. Now available online, it is a popular entertainment with everyone. But did you know that it has many variations? So, which one to choose? We hope we can help you decide by presenting the types of Connect 4 available on the market.

Connect 4: the Classic Board Game

Here is the great classic of the game Connect 4 in its most common form with red and yellow tokens. The goal is to be the first player to line up four pieces of the same color on the same line horizontally, vertically or diagonally. In turn, each player inserts a token in any column of the grid until one of the two players can line up their 4 pieces to win. You can play connect 4 for free online if you want.

Wooden Connect 4

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Strategy game Survival Z unleashes the undead on Apple Arcade


Take on zombies as you try to find other survivors during the apocalypse.


Apple Arcade on Friday added Survival Z from Ember Entertainment to its continuously growing catalog of games. In a world crippled by a zombie outbreak, you must survive using all the resources available to you. You can try your hand at Survival Z this weekend across iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch and Apple TV. 

Survival Z is a tower-defense type of game, with 50 levels. Its map offers multiple routes for a more replayable game. You play as Megan, a loner mechanic who’s savvy with a crossbow. When she meets Marcus, another survivor with intel on a diner potentially stocked with supplies, the pair head off on a journey, salvaging and upgrading equipment and battling waves of zombies along the way. 


Shelby Brown/CNET
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