A Superpower Hidden in Plain Sight

How can educators ensure that emerging bilingual students are well served in their schools, and how can we as educators foster linguistic diversity as an asset rather than as a problem?

Who Are Emergent Bilinguals?
As of fall 2018, 10.2% of public school students in the US were identified as English language learners (ELLs), double the number recorded in 2003.1 At 75%, the majority of ELLs have Spanish as their home language, followed by Arabic and Chinese, which make up 2.7% and 2% of total ELL students respectively. Other languages commonly spoken by ELLs are Vietnamese, Somali, Russian, Portuguese, Haitian, Haitian Creole, and Hmong (out of the over 400 languages spoken by students in the US). By 2025, 25% of K–12 students are projected to have a first language other than English.

I use the term emergent bilingual to refer to students typically categorized as “ELLs” to acknowledge that they

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April 12th Is The “International Day of Human Space Flight” – Here Are Teaching & Learning Resources

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Afghan Children Are Dying. Humanitarian Agencies Are Their Only Lifeline.

Afghanistan is facing a worsening humanitarian crisis, and it’s hitting children especially hard.

When the Taliban took control back in August, most Western funding was cut off and the country’s assets were frozen. Without this money, the economy has collapsed, most health facilities have closed and people are unable to buy food, exacerbating a drought and famine that already existed.

Nearly 23 million Afghans face acute hunger, according to the World Food Programme. An analysis by the humanitarian group Save the Children found that 14 million of those people are kids, and 5 million are close to reaching famine-like conditions. Around 13,700 newborn babies have died due to lack of nutrition since January, according to data shared by the Ministry of Public Health last month.

Hunger isn’t the only problem. School attendance has plummeted, and last week, the Taliban reneged on a commitment to reopen schools for girls

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24 New Words Invented by Teenagers

After enjoying each word, students may take on another challenge: Choose one of them and try it out in a sentence, then post your sentence to our comments section. Better yet, try using it in your next conversation.

Rohana Khattak, Islamabad, Pakistan

A billionaire who chooses to be blind to the disparity and inequality that his or her wealth is creating. Gen Z’s furor over the so-called oblivionaires ignoring global crises is blowing up on social media, in a campaign being noticed by many global and political figures.

“Oblivionaire” was the Word of the Day on April 1, otherwise known as April Fools’ Day.

Milana, Russia

A period when, after being hurt or betrayed, your heart is recovering and you are reluctant to let others get close to you. More and more people go into heartdown after parting with a loved one.

Muhtasim Sadat,

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