Science absent in poor countries’ education data

Science absent in poor countries’ education data
Students from the Islamic University in Uganda’s female campus studying the human body. A recent report into gender parity in education indicates lack of data on science education from low-income countries. Credit: Islamic University in Uganda.

A leading report into gender parity in education has found a complete lack of data on science education from low-income countries, exacerbating a situation where pockets of “extreme exclusion” still exist.

The UNESCO report, “Deepening the debate on those still left behind,” analyzed primary and secondary education data from 120 countries, but only 28 of the 82 low- and low-middle-income countries were represented, and there was no assessment data for science in any low-income country.

Limited data collecting capacity and a lack of systematic national assessments for students prevent researchers from having a complete picture of how learning outcomes are developing in the global South, said Manos Antoninis, director of the UNESCO

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KL Deemed-to-be-University near Vijayawada to introduce BSc Computer Science- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

VIJAYAWADA: KL Deemed-to-be-University will offer a BSc computer science course from the next academic year 2022-23. The course was introduced by WIPRO national officer Lavanam and Oracle product development director Sarath during a programme held on the university campus in Tadepalli on Thursday.  

Speaking on the occasion, Lavanam said that BSc computer science students will have several job opportunities at national-level on par with engineering students. “Besides, students who have also completed BSc honours will also have higher education opportunities overseas,” he said.

“Major changes have taken place in the fields of science and technology after the COVID-19 pandemic. Students can excel if they develop skills in cybersecurity, data science and artificial intelligence,” Lavanam said.

KL University vice-chancellor Dr Saradhi Verma said, “We are offering cybersecurity, data science and artificial intelligence specialisations in this course.” Later, they launched the BSc Computer Science wallpaper and website.


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Parents Are “Sleeping Giants” Who Will Fix American Education

The strangest thing about the debate over parents’ roles and rights in their children’s education is that there is a debate at all.

As former teachers ourselves, we know firsthand that nothing is more valuable to a classroom or school—let alone to individual students—than parental involvement. Of course they should have access to instructional materials teachers use in class. Of course parents should decide when and how morally complicated issues are introduced into the classroom—if at all. 

The idea of public school personnel laying claim to children—independent of and even confidential from their parents—would be laughable if it weren’t so frightening. Good teachers bend over backwards to be transparent with their students’ moms and dads. They want parents to be in the loop, part of a team helping each student develop the skills necessary to succeed.

Adults who try to hide what they do with other people’s children for hours

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National STEM education program taps Anchorage physics teacher

A woman sitting at a desk and smiling
Jennifer Childress has taught physics at Dimond High School for 19 years. In August, she’ll begin her work as an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow. (Katie Anastas/Alaska Public Media)

An Anchorage physics teacher will spend a year in Washington, D.C., working on national education policy. Dimond High School teacher Jennifer Childress was one of fifteen teachers across the country chosen for the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship.

Teachers in the fellowship work with government agencies as they develop new STEM curriculum. Childress will work with the Department of Defense.

“They need people who can do science and math and technology, and so they want to make sure that students are getting a good, strong education and are being encouraged to go into those fields,” she said.

The fellows will also work to identify challenges within STEM education. One issue Childress hopes to work on is increasing representation of female scientists

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