Warp Drive Is No Longer Science Fiction

Einstein’s theory of general relativity puts a speed limit on all matter in the universe, creating a barrier preventing acceleration from below to above the speed of light.

However, an independent group of scientists, inventors, and engineers called Applied Physics recently proposed the first model for a physical warp drive, according to a recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal Classical and Quantum Gravity.

While this could make warp drive more than science fiction, it’s best to take the new study with a grain of salt — because even if warp drive is now mathematically possible, there’s no telling how long it could be until humans could use it to substantially shorten the time of travel between stars — the closest of which would take roughly four years to reach, at light-speed.

Warp drive is no longer science fiction

Applied Physics has announced the first model of physical warp

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A Science Fictional Domestic Thriller: The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey

As her scientific career is climbing to fresh heights, Doctor Evelyn Caldwell finds out that her husband, Nathan, has been cheating on her—but not with a colleague. Instead, he’s hijacked her cloning research to create an ideal replacement wife from Evelyn’s own genetic material: Martine. She’s almost identical to Evelyn in appearance, but Nathan has altered her to be more subservient, family-oriented, and attentive to his needs. However, the real problems start when Martine calls Evelyn in a panic after killing Nathan in self-defense… and Evelyn decides to help with the cover-up.

The Echo Wife is a phenomenal, creepy, significant novel—but it’s a hard read, and wrestling with its implications is harder. The twisting, remorseless plot seamlessly combines domestic thriller with cutting-edge science fiction, dragging the reader along as the Caldwells’ secrets are unearthed one at a time. Sarah Gailey’s incisive prose lends to the suffocating atmosphere that pervades the

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Lovecraft Country’s Aunjanue Ellis Talks Season One and the Power of Science Fiction

While quite a lot of TV made a splash in 2020, HBO’s Lovecraft Country undeniably had a major impact. The ten-episode first season, which is inspired by Matt Ruff’s novel of the same name, chronicles the lives of an ensemble of characters in the Jim Crow America of the 1950s, as various supernatural threats and racist horrors collide. Season 1 took the concept of the novel and transformed it into something wholly new and profound, sending each of its characters on a journey they couldn’t have imagined. One of the biggest standouts of the season is undeniably Hippolyta Freeman (Aunjanue Ellis), a housewife and star-gazer whose own personal journey of self-discovery adds a sci-fi inspired and pivotal angle to the series.

With a career spanning nearly thirty years (including an Emmy-nominated performance on the limited series When They See Us), Ellis is no stranger to work that leaves an

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The science-fiction scenario of an artificial planet is already here

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

On December 9, 2020, researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel published a study in the journal Nature titled “The global mass produced by man exceeds all living biomass”. The article summary sets the scene: “We find that Earth is exactly at the crossover point; in the year 2020 (±6), the anthropogenic mass, which has recently doubled roughly every 20 years, will surpass all global living biomass.”

Looking around us over a large part of the planet, this observation is not so surprising. There are more than 1 billion automobiles on Earth, several billion smartphones, computers and tablets. There are buildings and roads absolutely everywhere, not to mention the colossal mass of clothing… 7 billion humans, massively equipped, against 3,000 billion trees without any possession.

Not surprisingly then, but to have it scientifically quantified sets off major alarms. The authors drive the point

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