Science fiction, satire and bromance in one rollicking novel

Two backwoods Maine boys, “part angel, part impossible,” get the fright of their lives one hot midnight, skinny-dipping in the local pond. Caught in an intense “umbrella of light,” they are paralyzed temporarily. One of them, the book’s narrator, intuits a message: Wait for instructions.

Thus Robert Klose launches into his tale, part science fiction, part political satire, part bromance between two emotionally arrested young men, with a topsy-turvy take on the debate between evolution and intelligent design, thrown in to boot. It turns out that life on Earth was created by intelligent designers, to wit, aliens called the Spong. Humans were an accident, the mistake that ruined the project.

The narrator, Nestor, grows up, graduates from the local college, and ends up with a doctorate in philosophy. Poye, his high school friend, goes to Yale, where he is inspired by his professor to dedicate his life to teaching biology,

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