May 27, 2024


Science It Works

COMMENTARY | Biden administration flip-flops are dizzying

It has been a confusing few days in the national news cycle. I feel sorry for the staffers who must justify statements that contradict logic or each other.

Our first area of concern comes with the rules for masking. I remember hearing Joe Biden in the weeks running up to the election in one of his few excursions out of the basement that he would not trust the vaccine because he could not trust Donald Trump. Kamala Harris stated the same thing. Once in the White House they claim that the vaccine is safe and that they would have 200 million vaccinated by the end of April. Now the head of the CDC states proudly that 164 million have been vaccinated. They missed.

In May, the president stated that once a person had been vaccinated, they would not have to wear a mask again. After weeks of the vaccinations being given out all over this country, we were declared safe, and we unmasked. Governor Nuisance opened California on June 15. It was great seeing smiles again.

Now the White House is talking about mandates to require mask wearing even if we are vaccinated which they assured us that once vaccinated you were safe.

The CDC never gives a straight answer nor does the White House acknowledge the flip-flops. Dr. Fauci earns mega-bucks talking out of both sides of his mouth.

The schools are trying to figure out what the rules are going to be, and the head of the National Teachers Union says that they are hoping to reopen schools this fall.

None of these actions follow the science. The logical conclusion is that they know that they are ignoring the science. If the scientific data backed up their words you would be seeing that data daily. What incentive does a non-vaccinated person now have to get vaccinated when they must still wear a mask?

The Biden administration wants to control all of us but places us all at risk with the open southern border. Since January more than 1.2 million people have come here illegally, and many are infected with COVID. The Biden Bunch are having them released via military planes into various cities across the country without vaccines, without warnings to those cities, and without any plan to protect us. Vaccinated Canadians cannot come across the northern border, vaccinated Americans can’t return to the USA from Mexico easily, Cubans fleeing that Communist hell-hole are being denied entry but illegal migrants from all over the globe pour through the southern border and are released to spread out across the fruited plains. I bet that not one bus load of those illegals is being released near Nancy Pelosi’s house or Chuck Schumer’s New York home.

It’s simple. The vaccine works or it doesn’t. If it does as they claimed, then masks are not needed.

The White House isn’t transparent with Hunter’s art sales. If his name wasn’t Biden those paintings would not sell for more than $25. I wonder what “Big Guy’s” cut is? Hunter was vulgar when questioned.

If those two issues aren’t enough to cause consternation the White House team must discuss the statement made by our president about his experience as a driver of an 18-wheeler.

Hmmm. He was arrested with Mandela, challenged a thug as a youth to protect kids, was a lifeguard that allowed kids to caress his hairy legs, and one who takes credit for passage of legislation that others got done. He praised a former KKK member at his funeral.

I wish he had been a truck driver instead of an elected leader.