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Delivering Math for Kids Through Edutainment

Brighterly Logo

Brighterly Logo

Brighterly Logo

NEW YORK, April 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Teaching math to kids has always been a tough-going contest – for parents as well. Mentioning numbers, problems, and rules can awe any child, and helping with math for kids can dazzle any parent. Brighterly, the new online education contestant, knows this pain and has offered an avant-garde solution – teaching math for kids through games, under teachers’ eyes.

Brighterly has already scored high appreciation from parents who turned their kids’ screen time into fun experience. “I began looking into teaching math for kids online after chatting with my friend, whose wife complained of their third-grader spending much time at home because of COVID and asking for mom’s help with math homework that she did not understand well,” said Eugene Kashuk, Brighterly’s founder and CEO. “I realized this is a common pain for many parents, and I thought I could offer a remedy.”

Eugene built Brighterly around the idea that kids learn best through games. At its core, Brighterly embraces education standards to ensure learning results. However, what they innovate at is the extensive use of edutainment (“education” + “entertainment”): around 40% of the learning time is math-focused fun where kids play games, talk with their teacher, and explore math in everyday life. Realizing this approach would not be possible without the easy-to-use interactive educational platform with gamification and engaging mechanics.

“No matter how good our proprietary curriculum is or how intuitive and fun our platform is, we would not manage to develop the wide set of math skills in kids without our teachers,” says Eugene. Brighterly is conquering ed-tech with its rigid standards for teachers: only 10% of applicants pass the extensive selection process, and 100% of those who pass undergo onboarding and recurring training. “With our teaching standards, we are totally confident that our educators not only have years of experience and explain math for kids in grades PK – 5, but that they are fun and know how to keep each student’s attention,” says Alexandra, Brighterly’s Teacher Mentor.

The effectiveness of Brighterly’s “education through edutainment” math for kids methodology is well-evident from the company’s student progress monitoring. Eugene says that in just eight classes, 76% of students score 34% better in Brighterly’s knowledge evaluation test than they do in the placement test. Such results showcase how learning through games, experienced educators, and 1:1 online teaching process drive kids to learn with fun.

“We wanted to ease parents’ lives and get some time for themselves while their kids are having useful screen time,” says Eugene. “We want to be a torch in every kid’s math journey, and we have enlightened many paths thus far.” For every parent seeking to make their kid better at math, Brighterly offers a flexible schedule, high mobility, a stress-free environment, and full attention to every kid in 1:1 classes.


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