Discover Education | Aims and scope

Joan S. Reed

Discover Education is part of the Discover journal series committed to providing a streamlined submission process, rapid review and publication, and a high level of author service at every stage. It is a multi-disciplinary, open access, innovation-focused journal publishing results of research from a broad range of education fields with the potential to impact social and academic development.     

Aims and Scope

Education focuses on our future by definition and Discover Education provides a platform for research on the challenges and developments that education will face in the future. Discover Education is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes original work in all areas of education, serving the community as a broad-scope journal for academic trends and future developments in the field. The journal publishes a broad range of article types and formats and there are no limitations when it comes to either theoretical, empirical or methodological content. Discover Education particularly welcomes research with the potential for global impact especially in relation to perspective, and work on achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.


Discover Education covers a broad range of areas related to education in schools, universities, vocational institutions, early childhood settings and the community. It will be concerned with both formal and informal education in multiple contexts with a particular focus on students, teachers and parents, their social interactions and the political contexts in which they are embedded.  Methodologically, Discover Education will be eclectic, supporting a full range of research methods that address important and significant issues. Specific topics include (but not limited to):

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