June 16, 2024


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Are you looking for an easy game to incorporate into your physical education lesson? Do your kids need a break from their homework? Does the energy in the space feel low? You don’t need an extravagant plan or any equipment at all to try out some of our favorite quick activities!

Try a round of Simon Says. This is a great option that can be easily modified to fit any lesson or situation. Need to get those kids moving? Simon says, “Do five jumping jacks!” Trying to settle them down before bed? Simon says, “Put on your pajamas.” It’s perfect for anytime and anyplace.

Get your yoga on with fitFlow. Who said yoga required equipment? All you need is the digital device you’ve got right next to youno cards, mats, or clean up necessary. Pull fitFlow up on your device and spend the next three minutes stretching and relaxing.

Have a dance party! Thanks to social media, we’ve all seen how popular quick, fun dances can be. Grab your device and play any song your kiddos like, then get your groove on! If you’re looking for some fun, family-friendly songs, check out our fit Music Playlist! Our songs are catchy, upbeat, and full of positive messaging for your kids.

I Spy, but with a twist. I Spy is a classic game that everyone knows, so shake it up. Pick something a little more difficult, and have your kids make their guesses as a whole group. For each incorrect answer, challenge your kids to do push-ups or jumping jacks. If you’re looking for something less physical, you can challenge your kids to do their favorite dance moves or touch their toes. It’s a great way to get some movement in and practice teamwork.

Set up a distance challenge. Pick a starting point and put your kids into pairs, then stand in a space that’s 15 feet away. As they alternate turns, challenge your kids to see who can reach you first, moving only one step at a time. Encourage them to get creative! Will they take lots of small steps or are they going to take giant steps? Are they going to dance while they move? It’s all up to them!

It doesn’t take a lot to take a classic and give it a twist. Better yet, get the kids involved and get those creative juices flowing! Who knows, maybe they’ll come up with the new group favorite.

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