June 16, 2024


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Everything You Need To Know To Rent The Perfect House

If you’re thinking about renting a home, it is essential that you consider your requirements first. You will want to know where you want to live, the type of anemones you need, your available budget as well as the type of property you want.

Listing the Requirements

  • House, room, studio, flat
  • Location
  • Unfurnished or furnished
  • Length of lease
  • Type of parking
  • Number of reception rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Garden and landscaping

Creating a Budget

One of the first things you want to do is draw up a budget and stick with it. Let your age and understand exactly how much you are willing to spend either weekly or monthly on a rental price. Do not be tempted into looking at properties that are out of your budget. In addition to the cost of the rental you need to budget for related expenses.

Some of these expenses may include:

  • You may need to prepare for house contents insurance, this is essential if it is all of your personal belongings in the property.
  • Council tax: many times the tenant will be responsible for paying a council tax, be sure to ask the agent or landlord the amount of this tax.
  • Utility bills: typically if the property is located within a block of flats there is going to be a Sabres charge that needs to be paid, to be sure to talk with the agent or landlord about whether this is going to be included with the rent or as an additional charge. Make sure to search around for the best deals on heating and electricity suppliers too – speak with an electric heating expert and find out which company would be best for you
  • Deposits: typically this is going to be the cost of one month’s rent
  • Removal costs: be sure to include the cost of hiring a removal company within your budget

Choosing a Location

There are several factors that one must decide upon when choosing the location of a property. It is essential that you decide upon what is your main priority when choosing a location, it is best to do this at the beginning of your search to save you time.

Other Essential Considerations

One of the main advantages of renting a house or flat is a wide variety of options that are available on the market. However, you must consider where you are in your life and what your personal circumstances are. Some things you may want to consider:

  • A flat or house that includes the sole tenancy, in which only one individual resides on the property.
  • A flat share or house in which a person or couple will typically rent a room in a property which is occupied by several other tenant and share occupancy and split the cost of rent between themselves.
  • Lodging which an individual rents a room from a private owner who also resides on the property.
  • Purpose built rental accommodations are those homes that offer specific anemones such as communal areas as well as on-site is gyms.

As you search you will see that many rental properties are typically listed as either unfurnished or furnished, and many landlords will be flexible as to which you decide upon.

Letting Agents

  • One of the most important aspects of choosing an agent is finding one who belongs to the Association of Residential Letting Agents, as these agents have a specific code of practice that they must adhere to.
  • In addition, you’ll want to contact as many leading agents as possible to find the best properties that are available for rent.

Costs Involved

Another consideration is the fact that once you have found a rental property, letting agents will charge you a specific fee that enables them to handle all of the administrative work. The costs involved in this process can range anywhere between £25 to £150, depended mainly upon the agent as well as the property and location. In some instances, the letting agent may also ask for a holding deposit of £50 to £200, this is designed to secure the property for you and will you be deducted off of your first month’s rent. Talk with your letting agent early in the process to find out when these costs will be incurred as well as how much they will be.

Viewing Initial Properties

Early on in the process, you want to discuss exactly what you are looking for with your letting agency to ensure that you are not wasting their time or your own. Consider the fact that while you’re looking at a property that is not right for you, you may be missing out on the one that is right for you.