May 22, 2024


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FAQs on Shapewear

Women choose to adopt shapewear for many different reasons. If you are new to this style, it is natural that you will have some queries. You have to first find out which type of wearer you are. Some wear shapewear for special occasions; it may be a floaty billowing evening gown which looks exquisite with a waist definition. Others wear shapewear to gain confidence in day to day routines; it may be shorts or briefs to just keep everything in place as they tackle day to day issues. It can even be specific apparel in your wardrobe that you just do not adorn any more. By using body control shapewear, you can have enough confidence in your shape to rediscover styles you no longer use.

Before we start your shapewear experience, we can help answer some of the most common questions that people have.

1. Should I Wear a Smaller Size to Achieve Maximum Impact?

No! Shapewear is not about squeezing your natural shape for no reason. Wearing a small and ill-fitting body suit does not change your actual size. This will only give unwanted bumps and lumps in your silhouette that will only highlight your shapewear. You can wear a well-fitting corselette or tummy controlling brief to form your natural shape better and get a naturally defined line. It is best to be honest in your clothing size and your shapewear will give you your natural contours.

2. Should I Wear Undergarments under My Shapewear?

It is unnecessary to wear underwear if you have shapewear. Underwear can form visible lines under your shapewear. Shapewear is usually designed to minimize hems and seams in such a way that it gives very discreet support. If you have underwear under your shapewear, the lines of the undergarment can change the way shapewear hugs your body making it more visible. Shapewear usually comes as breathable, soft garments that have antibacterial properties and it is designed to hug your skin.

3. Can I Wear Shapewear Each Day?

Yes! If you want to wear shapewear every day, you should simply choose a medium control and comfortable piece and buy enough items for the entire week. If you have well-fitted and high-quality shapewear to wear on a daily basis, you can rely on this item of clothing go give you the confidence you need. Some ladies choose medium control briefs to wear each day under their normal work clothes. Others like to wear shaping shorts which give definition whether they are worn with skirts or trousers. Whatever choice you make, your daily wear should be very relaxing so that you comfortably go through each day.

4. Which is the Ideal Shapewear Colour?

The most appropriate shapewear colour should be dictated by your personal preferences. If you want shapewear to wear under a light-coloured dress, you should consider going for a nude colour. Nude colour also offers the most convenience when it comes to shapewear. However, there are women who prefer the colour black and it is also great! If you acquire a range of nude, white and black Elle Courbee, you can be sure that you will have a piece for every occasion that comes up!

5. Does Shapewear Expose Me to Any Harm?

No, shapewear does not expose you to any harm. It is not like the old days of the Victorian corsets! However, it is important to choose the right shapewear fit. If you choose shapewear that is too tight, it can compress your stomach and block circulation. We therefore advise that you select a high quality and well-fitting shapewear. Control briefs, pantygirdles, skirts and shorts that are the right size should not expose you to ant harm. Shapewear is designed with stretching fabric that does not constrict any part of your body. It is all about defining your shape naturally and seizing your confidence back.

It’s natural that you may have more questions and thoughts about shapewear. However, you are in luck since at Elle Courbee we handle different topics relating to shapewear on our blog. If you are looking for useful tips on how to keep your lingerie clean or are seeking a guide on the different lingerie shapes in the market, visit our blog to get the answers you seek.