June 20, 2024


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Finding a Career in the Music Business (When You Can’t Sing)

Love the idea of working in the music industry, but can’t hit a note? Don’t sweat: there are many other careers in the field that’ll have you entrenched in good tunes without having to belt some out yourself.

Audio Engineering

A talented singer and a killer band are key to ensuring a quality track, but a sound engineer is instrumental to making sure the final product sounds its best. Audio engineers maximize the sound of a recording through both digital means and by ensuring the musicians they work with have the best equipment on-hand for recording. You’ll be on-set with famous artists, as well as up-and-comers, and play an instrumental role (no pun intended) in the success of their music. To become an audio engineer does require study and preparation, however, so try investigating audio engineering programs at universities or academies that specialize in the field.

Music agent

There’s a reason they called Brian Epstein “the fifth Beatle.” An agent is an instrumental player in the career of any musician, helping them manage their funds, record production, live performances (including hotel accommodation) and several other aspects when it comes to business and promotion. You’ll play an active role in advancing at least one burgeoning artist’s career, a sometimes intimidating but ultimately rewarding responsibility. A degree in music business or music management is likely one of the fastest routes to becoming an agent, although studying business and accounting is also helpful.

Radio music director or DJ

Working at a radio station isn’t just about playing great tunes all day, although it is a perk. DJs and music directors are directly involved in helping songs reach a wider audience, and can even turn some acts into almost-overnight sensations. On top of that, you’ll often be able to offer commentary, connect with listeners and even meet some musicians yourself.

So if you have a passion for music but don’t intend on becoming a music artist yourself, take a look into these other possibilities.