May 23, 2024


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Free educational resource brings the excitement of 2022 World Games to classrooms

The World Games 2022 and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama are partnering to provide teachers with a free resource that will expand educational opportunities in the classroom.

The initiative – announced on Thursday during an event at Sun Valley Elementary School – is The World Games 2022 Live Healthy, Play Global Toolkit. Created and produced by 40 Alabama educators, the toolkit consists of a variety of downloadable digital resources inspired by The World Games that can be used to help students learn math, science, social studies, physical education and more. The educational program is presented by Foundation Partner of The World Games 2022, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

While designed for children in kindergarten through fifth grade, many of the toolkit’s lessons can be adapted for use by students in any grade.

At the announcement, teachers demonstrated how the toolkit can help them build dozens of classroom lessons around the sports and various countries that will be part of The World Games 2022. For example, students can learn about the physics and math involved in the sport of Flying Disc, where teams of players pass and catch Frisbees for points. Another lesson allows students to “visit” other countries using virtual reality tours. The toolkit also includes information about the various countries that will send athletes to compete in The World Games in Birmingham, July 7–17, 2022.

“The World Games will be exciting, and we want to bring some of that excitement into classrooms,” said Nick Sellers, CEO of The World Games 2022. “Our goal is to provide not only an incredible sports and music spectacular for people to enjoy but also an event that leaves a lasting legacy and improves the lives of those in our community and state. There’s no more important way to do that than through educating children.”

“Our company is focused on empowering Alabamians to live the healthiest life possible and this includes Alabama’s children,” said Rebekah Elgin-Council, Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and World Games Board Member. “Supporting the Live Healthy, Play Global initiative is an investment that will add to the enthusiasm of the World Games throughout our schools, while teaching children long-lasting habits that will lead to a healthier Alabama.”

As a primary influence on the success of this impactful initiative, Executive Vice President for The World Games 2022 Kathy Boswell said the Live Healthy, Play Global Toolkit conforms to Alabama curriculum standards. “The toolkit is designed so teachers can find the lessons and activities that align with their curriculum,” said Boswell. “This is not a guided program that tells teachers what to do. There are a lot of options, and teachers can select the activities that best support their classroom objectives.”

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In addition to the toolkit and school curriculum, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama donated sports equipment to 40 Birmingham city schools as part of the Live Healthy, Play Global initiative. At Thursday’s event, students from Sun Valley Elementary used some of the equipment to demonstrate the sport of floorball, a type of indoor hockey in which two teams use a stick to maneuver a ball into the opponent’s goal.