May 27, 2024


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How a Springfield grad got a job making video games for Electronic Arts

Jamie Sampson, a graduating senior at Iowa State University's Coover Hall, grew up in Springfield and will make video games for a living.

Jamie Sampson graduated from Springfield’s Kickapoo High School in 2017 and, a short while later, moved almost 400 miles north to Ames, Iowa for college.

At the time, she was interested in making animated films — something that still interests her.

“I was also looking into other things that I was interested in doing,” she recalled. “One of them was software engineering.”

Sampson will graduate this month with a bachelor’s degree in software engineering from the Iowa State University and move, in early June, to Austin, Texas. There, she will work for a company that makes video and computer games.

She will be involved, on the technical side, in a different kind of animation, interaction and storytelling at the company, Electronic Arts.