February 24, 2024


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How to Avoid the Shapewear Rolldown

Shapewear is designed to help you look and feel great. You do not want to head to an event and have to worry about your underclothing sliding down all night.

Ladies, we have all been there- the shapewear rolldown. No matter what type of shapewear you use, the rolldown is real. The corset, the girdle, the bike shaping shorts all roll, and not in a good way. This shapewear malfunction has the ability to dampen your mood and your night. Since shapewear is supposed to make your feel more confident, make sure to use these 5 tips to keep your shapewear in place and say goodbye to the rolldown once and for all.

1. Invest in Quality Shapewear

When you shop for your shapewear make sure to buy pieces that are well made and have a high-quality fabric. It is a good idea to choose a brand that is well known and has a good reputation, like Elle Courbee. If you prefer to purchase shapewear online, be sure to check the return policy. Never buy shapewear that is final sale or difficult to take back.

Also, try a couple sizes. It is important to make sure the shapewear compresses but is not too tight or uncomfortable. Often times, shapewear shoppers try to size down thinking it will make them thinner. Unfortunately, the opposite effect happens. Shapewear that is too small has the tendency to roll. It will also make your body look lumpy and highlight any imperfections. We recommend taking your own measurements to make sure you purchase the right size. This will help you take the guesswork out of fit.

2. Don’t Rush

Often times people decide to put on their shapewear directly after the shower. This seems like the natural thing to do before you get dressed. However, even the slightest moisture can cause the dreaded rolldown. We encourage you to take your time and allow your body to dry completely before putting on your shapewear. This will help make your shapewear feel secure all day or all night.

3. Use What You’ve Got

If your shapewear is geared toward making your tummy flatter, try using your bra as a way to hold the shapewear in place. Use your underwear as a way to help layer your shapewear to ensure it doesn’t roll or move. You will love the look of this streamlined shaping.

If you are concerned about your shapewear misbehaving you may want to try a dressing tape. This simple to use product should be in everyone’s vanity. Simply place a strip of tape at the top of your shapewear in several places to prevent rolling. Or, buy a shapewear that comes equipped with sticky grip fabric that does essentially the same thing.

If you are desperate you can fold the shapewear at the leg, bust, or waist to prevent it from moving. Keep in mind this method can cause some unwanted bumps or lumps. So, only try this if what you’re wearing can accommodate.

4. In some cases, the above tips just won’t hold your shapewear.

This can happen if you are moving a lot or your clothing moves. In these instances, you may want to think about buying some hooks that are made to securely attach your girdle or shapewear to your bra or panties. Or, simply purchase shapewear that come equipped with these hooks. Shapewear such as control slips are an excellent way to make sure your shapewear will not move, no matter what. You will never look or feel better in your LBD.

5. Let Your Outfit Dictate Your Shapewear

When you become more versed in shapewear you will be able to choose what pair is the best fit for your current wardrobe choice. You will need to think about whether you need strapless, short, long, or what body part you are hoping to emphasize. We recommend purchasing several types of shapewear to ensure you always have the perfect pairing.