July 25, 2024


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Humanoid Aliens Living On Earth All Along – Conspiracy Theory of the Day

Humanoid Aliens Living On Earth All Along – Conspiracy Theory of the Day

It sure is great having so many acquaintances that live around the world who enjoy writing science fiction screenplays. It is a part-time hobby of mine, and it is always interesting to see what you can come up with when you’re having a dialogue with another science fiction writer. Not long ago, I was having a conversation with Daniel Persson a hobbyist science fiction thinker about the various genres appearing on the Sci Fi Channel this season.

We got to talking about the various conspiracy theories, UFO abduction tales, and the whole Roswell incident conspiracy theory. We discussed how it was at least theoretically possible that an advanced species could travel through time and through various dimensions. Daniel stated; “It is easy for scientists to dismiss it and say they did not know or have means at the time, but also a fact that we do not know all about that time. Or perhaps it is a result from time traveling, or aliens coming here.”

Okay so, perhaps if we consider that potential eventuality or plausible deniability (depending on how you want to play it) then it would make sense that there were humanoid aliens living here on Earth. Well, if we take that hypothetical as true, and I’m not saying it is, then perhaps there may be aliens living amongst us here on this planet and if I were them; I might also continue to distance ourselves from human societies, because humans cannot be trusted.

Now then, there is talk of stuff like this in quite a few places on Earth, that is to say locations where aliens might be living, you know the stories you here. For instance, in a large lagoon in Central America, under a Siberian mountain, under California/Nevada desert, off the coast of San Diego, under Afghanistan, in mountains of Mexico, etc, etc – apparently taking advantage of underground massive amounts of flowing water, perhaps running hydro-electric schemes. That’s the story, faint details for those who care to follow the stories. “IF” true, it makes me smile, if not, it is an intriguing “what if” to think about. Who knows, maybe they are using the Internet to converse with us? Sounds like a really cool Sci Fi flick.

One problem would be if we’ve co-evolved, but with relatively little contact over the past 1,000 years and they live in a “very clean” environment, sterilized from all the diseases we encounter, we might infect each other, so that might not be good, it could wipe out their society, or ours? Then again, being more scientifically adapted they might have solved that problem or working together, we might solve those challenges for both, then we may as well share the planet since both groups live here. Kind of like the American Indians in CA, they are a country within a country.

“IF” such a society does exist, well you cannot blame them for wanting to distance themselves right? Logically it does not make sense to come in contact with humans unless they need something, but how can they trust humans in negotiation? These are the same issues we have cross-culturally with the rest of humanity, right? Anyway, it’s okay to think here because even if the stories are false, it’s good philosophy to help humans better themselves. That’s why I liked “District 9” movie, because it wasn’t so much about aliens, as about how horrible humans are to themselves.

Perhaps, you can understand why science fiction authors and thinkers like to get together and discuss such things, because they are intriguing topics, and I must admit they are fun to write about. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. If you have any comments, questions, and or concerns please shoot me an e-mail.