Leading Smart Home Rental Provider Ontario Green Savings Launches Consumer Education Video Series

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Homeowners are invited to subscribe to Ontario Green Savings’ YouTube channel and turn on notifications, so that they can be immediately updated when new content is available

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2021 / Ontario Green Savings, a leading Smart Home Rental Program provider in Ontario that delivers energy saving and smart home automation solutions to thousands of customers across the province, has launched a consumer education video series.

The videos, which are available on the company’s YouTube channel, provide clear, easy-to-understand information on key topics that are top-of-mind for many of today’s homeowners, such as: what to know when updating appliances, how to reduce carbon footprint at home, why it makes sense to purchase an HVAC protection plan, and signs that it’s time to replace vs. repair home appliances.

With respect to what homeowners need to know about updating appliances, Ontario Green Savings points out that the cost savings of upgrading can be 66{13aab5633489a05526ae1065595c074aeca3e93df6390063fabaebff206207ec} or more. The company also strongly recommends that consumers focus on new appliances that carry the Energy Star symbol. Energy Star is a U.S. government-sponsored program that certifies consumer products (as well as buildings) that meet specific standards of energy efficiency.

As for simple yet significant ways that individuals and families can significantly and sustainably reduce their carbon footprint, Ontario Green Savings suggests weatherizing one’s home, replacing old an inefficient appliances, using renewable energy, and reducing electricity consumption.

Regarding why it makes sense to purchase an HVAC protection plan, Ontario Green Savings shares that doing so helps homeowners avoid potentially massive ongoing HVAC repair costs, as well as avoid the worry and expense of ongoing preventative maintenance. Homeowners can also choose from a variety of programs that fit their goals and budget.

And as for signs that it’s time to replace vs. repair home appliances, Ontario Green Savings highlights four scenarios: old appliances have reached or surpassed their expected end-of-life date, ongoing repair costs keep adding up, utility bills are higher than they should be, and old appliances have become safety hazards.

“Educating consumers so they can make smart and safe decisions is our number one priority,” commented a spokesperson from Ontario Green Savings, which in addition to smart home energy solutions offers a suite of comfort plans that help homeowners save on unexpected repair costs related to their furnace, heating and plumbing systems. “Our new videos are an effective way for us to help consumers learn about energy saving and smart home automation topics that matter to them now, and into the future.”

Ontario Green Savings also noted that several new educational videos are currently in production, and will be added to the line-up in the coming weeks. Themes and topics include reasons why it makes sense to rent vs. buy appliances, and an overview of the Government of Canada’s Energy Savings Rebate Program. Homeowners are invited to subscribe to Ontario Green Savings’ YouTube channel and turn on notifications, so that they can be immediately updated when new content is available.

About Ontario Green Savings

Ontario Green Savings believes in making high-efficiency products affordable for all families in Ontario. Ontario Green Savings Cost Neutral program has assisted over 50,000 consumers with their home’s high-efficiency energy upgrades and the applications of various provincial, federal, and utility rebates. As a result, hundreds of thousands of dollars in rebates were issued by the relevant parties and received by Ontario residents, and millions of dollars were saved on energy bills. All programs are designed to significantly reduce the carbon emissions of each household in Ontario. Ontario Green Savings’ environmental impact has added up to be equivalent to planting 4,500 acres of green space

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