June 12, 2024


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Liberty High School senior Greer is dedicated to her education

Madison Greer made it a point throughout her time in high school to make sure she leaves without any regrets.

That’s part of the reason the 18-year-old – a three-sport athlete who’s played in the school band since she was in seventh grade – took part in so many activities through her time at Liberty High School in the Spangle area.

“I want to be involved in everything I can because I don’t want to look back and think, ‘Well what if I had done this,’ because there have been times where that’s happened already,” Greer said. “I don’t want that to happen way in the future when I really can’t do anything about it.”

Greer is a National Honor Society member, was involved with National FFA Organization events for three years and was nominated a 2021 Spokane Scholar in world languages by the Spokane Scholars Foundation.

She said she’s looking forward to taking what she’s gleaned with her to Eastern Washington University where she plans to start her career track toward becoming a pharmacist. She’s mapped out the next few years of her life, hoping to get her prerequisites done at EWU to attend pharmacy school, ideally at the Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. To support herself, Greer said she hopes to work part time as an emergency management technician, taking classes this past fall to start working toward her certification.

“When I was little, I guess every little kid looks up to all the older kids around them and wants to grow up as soon as possible. I guess I just take that a little bit further,” Greer said. “When I was younger, I would imagine what wedding dress I would want to have, what kind of house I would want to have and where I would want to live. I guess I’ve just refined that as I’ve gotten older.”

Greer said she’ll particularly value the leadership and teamwork skills she picked up from her high school sports career, during which she played basketball, softball and volleyball.

The COVID-19 pandemic proved challenging during her junior and senior years. Particularly with softball, Greer, who earned a spot in the starting lineup by the end of the sophomore year, was looking forward to a full year as a starter in her junior year only for the season to get canceled. The squad did end up playing a truncated season this year, albeit without an opportunity for a shot at a state title.

“I’ve been super, super happy that I’ve gotten the season we are getting even though we’re not getting a state or getting bigger games with more fans allowed,” Greer said.

With music, meanwhile, Greer – the clarinet section leader – played in the pep, concert, jazz and marching bands.

The juggling act with her activities was apparent with the 2020 basketball season during which Greer and her fellow Lancers won the State 2B championship. Greer – fresh off the court – would turn around to play with the pep band for the boy’s basketball games.

“I think looking back on it now, I probably just would have enjoyed the moment of being at state with my team,” she said. “Learning to find time for all of (these activities) has definitely been something that’s been difficult, but it’s definitely something that I think has been helpful.”

Morgan Pendon, Liberty High School’s music director, said most student-athletes he’s taught that were also involved in band have typically relaxed after their games.

“Madison is one of those students that has a super special place in my heart because she started here when I did,” Pendon said. “Everything that our program has become, I credit that to the students like her that have been here to see that transformation and being a part of it. Our music community at Liberty has become a lot more vibrant, and it’s because she’s been here this entire time.”

Both Pendon and Liberty High School Principal Aaron Fletcher described Greer as an incredibly dedicated student.

“She’s always willing to help, always has a smile on her face, never complains and just works extremely hard at everything in the classroom and in the band room and on the athletic fields,” Fletcher said. “I don’t know if you can really put words to it, but I’m just happy and proud of what she’s accomplished, and she’s worked extremely hard to make every day the best day she can.”