June 20, 2024


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Mattarella False: Science is not dogma

Speaking, in Messina, at the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the Bonino Polego Foundation and the seventieth anniversary of the “Gazzetta del Sud”, President Sergio Mattarella stressed the fundamental need for independent press organizations. He did so by citing in particular the war in Ukraine and the long and, in our opinion, very confusing story about the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

Intervention of the head of state

Now, listening to some passages from Colle’s re-elected tenant, one gets the impression that only Mattarella’s independent information is what governments like at the moment, especially when they adopt Restrictive Measures of Liberty Crusher We are still going through hard. Indeed, the head of state says: “As we see even in a period of war like the one we live in, It is necessary to have independent media Do not suffer from fakes. Today’s events pose challenges to each of us: we have seen it in the face of the pandemic. Disinformation, alleged conspiracies and science fiction theories must be confronted. We would not be here today without the presence of science accompanied by sound and correct information. The media plays an essential and valuable role: the war in Ukraine reminds us all, once again, of the absolute need not to be exposed to fake news and to know the truth. ”

Science as a Democratic Club

But here, in my opinion, the conceptually unacceptable element appears very clearly, which supports the logic of Mattarella, which has been repeated several times in the recent past. or Science – In this case the person who aligns with the alternate executive authority – It is used as a kind of democratic clubable to eliminate, on the grounds of public health, the constitutional guarantees of individual citizens, of which the President of the Republic must be the custodian.