April 19, 2024


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New bill increases cap for qualified math, science teachers through Teacher Education Program

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WTVY) – Governor Ivey has signed House Bill 435, sponsored by Rep. Rich Wingo (R – HD62). This increases the cap for qualified math and science teachers through the Math and Science Teacher Education Program. Governor Ivey shared the following comment:

“Having effective teachers is absolutely vital for our students to have a quality education. We are nearly doubling the amount of funding available for our math and science teachers to repay their loans. Alabama is taking major strides to ensure we can attract and retain good teachers, especially in areas like math and science. Alabama is getting back to the basics when it comes to our students educational journeys, and I am proud that we are taking the right steps to achieve success for our students.” – Governor Kay Ivey

Governor Ivey has signed House Bill 220, sponsored by Rep. Terri Collins (R – HD18), and Senate Bill 200 by Sen. Rodger Smitherman (D – SD 18). These bills are to implement the Alabama Literacy Act. The governor issued the following statement:

“We are making crystal clear that unlike what we are seeing in some other states around the country, Alabama is focusing on core instruction, and that means ensuring our students are proficient in both reading and math. The Numeracy Act, which I signed into law recently and the Alabama Literacy Act are both ways to help our students. Our efforts to implement the Literacy Act are already underway, and by signing House Bill 220, we are solidifying that. And by signing Senate Bill 200, I am putting ink on the fact that there is absolutely no more delay to this process. We are fully implementing all elements of the Alabama Literacy Act, plain and simple.” – Governor Kay Ivey

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