Realization of a multinode quantum network of remote solid-state qubits

Joan S. Reed

A three-node quantum network

Future quantum networks will provide the means to develop truly secure communication channels and will have applications in many other quantum-based technologies. Pompili et al. present a three-node remote quantum network based on solid-state spin qubits (nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond) coupled by photons. The implementation of two quantum protocols on the network. entanglement distribution and entanglement swapping, illustrates a key platform for exploring, testing, and developing multinode quantum networks and quantum protocols.

Science, this issue p. 259


The distribution of entangled states across the nodes of a future quantum internet will unlock fundamentally new technologies. Here, we report on the realization of a three-node entanglement-based quantum network. We combine remote quantum nodes based on diamond communication qubits into a scalable phase-stabilized architecture, supplemented with a robust memory qubit and local quantum logic. In addition, we achieve real-time communication and feed-forward gate operations across the network. We demonstrate two quantum network protocols without postselection: the distribution of genuine multipartite entangled states across the three nodes and entanglement swapping through an intermediary node. Our work establishes a key platform for exploring, testing, and developing multinode quantum network protocols and a quantum network control stack.

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