June 16, 2024


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Reston’s ScienceLogic is gearing up for a major hiring spree as it plans to expand

Reston, Virginia-based ScienceLogic is looking to expand its 300-person team by 40{13aab5633489a05526ae1065595c074aeca3e93df6390063fabaebff206207ec} as it gears up for some major expansion plans.

The artificial intelligence-focused IT monitoring solutions provider announced this ambitious goal as remote work is becoming more of the norm. It’s no secret that the current work-from-home trend will outlast the pandemic, especially for tech companies, so ScienceLogic is widening its hiring pool and seeking professionals outside of the region. The company announced that these hiring plans come as it is closing in on negotiations around “major developments” to expand further.

“ScienceLogic’s global growth stands out as a clear illustration of its ascendance of next-generation IT visionaries, practitioners and leaders,” said the company’s founder and CEO, Dave Link, in a statement. “The last year, while difficult for many hard-hit people and industries worldwide, was also a remarkable year. We’re forging a new path forward in customer experience and engineering that directly impacts the way people live, work and play in their daily lives.”

The company is looking to scale up its product development, engineering, sales, marketing, customer success and support teams. ScienceLogic is specifically looking for tech professionals with experience with AI, machine learning, SaaS and cloud operations. The company is looking to hire for other roles as well, but these are first priority.

This hiring blitz comes after ScienceLogic was recently ranked #7 on Glassdoor’s list of best tech companies for remote jobs in 2021, topping other big tech companies like HubSpot, Google, Microsoft and Adobe. Though the company hasn’t raised any venture capital in the past few years, ScienceLogic has raised $109 million since its launch in 2003.

ScienceLogic currently has more than 50 job openings listed on Glassdoor, including open positions for a senior python engineer, senior director of engineering operations and a business development representative.

“Through this hiring initiative, we’re recruiting mission-focused trailblazers ready to help forge a new digital frontier,” said George Rau, head of human resources at ScienceLogic. “We want to tap those ambitious problem-solvers who recognize an extraordinary opportunity to take on significant human challenges and IT modernization alike.”

Here’s Link’s pitch for why IT professionals should consider ScienceLogic:

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