June 16, 2024


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‘RIP science and logic’: TV soap shows man getting ‘chand ka tudka’ to win over a woman, leaves netizens speechless

Indian TV shows are no longer just known for their elaborate and melodramatic themes, of late, some bizarre sequences from hit shows have gone viral with netizens wondering why. Latest joining the list is a scene from a drama which shows a man breaking down the moon to get a piece of it to win his lady love.

Yes, you read it right, he literally got a chand ka tudka to marry his bride! Armed with a rope, supported by his family, the man identified as Aman, is seen trying hard to bring the celestial body to the Earth. When he fails to get a piece by pulling it, he resorts to another plan — going up in the space using just a car!

And if that wasn’t baffling enough, he then uses his magic wand, saying some magic words to strike the moon and get its pieces to fall on the ground! Pretty amusing, right?

Watch the video here:


The video has gone viral across social media sites leaving netizens laughing out loud, wondering what’s the origin of the clip.

In case you’re wondering just like others on the internet, what’s the name of the TV show — it’s Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka. The scene is from season 2 of the Star Plus fantasy drama, where show’s protagonist Roshni Ahmed, played by actor Aditi Sharma, arranges for a swayamvar and challenges her suitors to get a piece of the moon. The man seen in the clip is show’s lead actor Vikram Singh Chauhan, who played the role of Aman Junaid Khan.

The fantasy show, which aired from October 2019 to November 2020 on Star Plus, has now been discontinued. However, after the scene went viral across social media platforms, it generated a new interest among netizens. Many were left hanging as they wanted to know what happened next. In case, you’re interested as well, you can catch rest of the episode on Hotstar.

The video set social media abuzz, and netizens were left with their mouths wide open. As it baffled all, it also led to some amusing comparisons like many thought this was the correct use of ‘lasso of truth’ from Wonder Woman. Others were busy tagging NASA, sarcastically saying they wasted efforts and money on building rockets when this show’s hero can take a car to the moon!

Here’s what netizens had to say about the peculiar segment.

Earlier this week, another Indian drama went viral online for showing how the actors accidentally get married on the show owing to a peculiar blunder.