February 24, 2024


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Rocket Chinese Course Review

Are you interested in learning the Chinese language using the Rocket Chinese course package? This language can be one of the greatest assets for anyone’s career as it is widely used all over the world. Statistically, it is spoken by 20% of the population in the world, which consists of more than 1 billion in total. Having tried various speak Chinese courses online and offline, I have found Rocket Chinese to be one of the most effective and user friendly.

1. How is the Rocket Chinese Course Broken Up Into?

It is broken up into 4 main components that consist of the 31 grammar and culture lessons, 31 lesson interactive audio courses, the mega-Chinese software learning games including mega-audio and mega-vocab, and finally the learners’ forum found in the membership area. Besides teaching you how to speak confidently and effectively in the language, the course will also help you better understand the culture of Chinese, which I have found to be very useful at learning the language in general.

2. How Does the Rocket Chinese Work to Teach the Chinese Language Effectively?

One thing I really liked about this course is the use of fun and interactive games to help me reinforce the new words that I have learned to speak. At the beginning stages, most of the lessons are pretty basic and can get used to very quickly. Once you start to progress further, you will find that the lessons start to become more advanced and start to take more time to understand. Nevertheless, it can be done with the structured lessons provided in this course.

3. How Can the Rocket Chinese Course Be Studied?

Another thing is that this course can be studied very conveniently. I have been able to do it on my way to school and also when I am outside. It is designed for this purpose to allow the learner to quickly absorb the new information and be able to start speaking Chinese confidently in a short time.