Sensing the Paranormal – We Have the Tools But Are We Aware?

Joan S. Reed

We as humans have a Kinesthetic sense and a post-secondary sense of Elecroception. These two senses could be used to explain some experiences people have when it comes to the paranormal field. We may very well have the capabilities to communicate and perceive the paranormal but are unaware of these two little known senses. The Phantom Limb Syndrome and even a regular balloon can be used to prove theses theories.

Try closing your eyes with your arms at your side. Now with your eyes still closed touch the tip of your nose. Did you do touch the tip of your nose? Most people are able to do this easily; however, some people who have suffered a medical condition, like a stroke, have trouble with this sense. This simple test is an example of your Kinesthetic sense in full action. This sense is the ability of your mind, primarily the parietal lobe of your brain, to sense where your body, organs, and ex termites are in relation to your surroundings without needing to use any other traditional sense like sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste.

One way we can hypothesize that the Kinesthetic sense could be a link to our presumptions of paranormal activity is the medical condition known as Phantom Limb Syndrome. This condition is basically when a person has a limb amputated but they still feel the limb as if it was still there. Some amputees know where it should be as if they were not an amputee at all. This idea of being able to perceive something that is not able to be felt or seen by our traditional senses; leads to the a question. Can we also feel and perceive things that are also not able to be picked up with our traditional five senses?

Many of us have seen the movies and shows when ghosts or spirits are supposed to be present, they get this creepy feeling and the hair stands up on the back of their neck. Or have you ever taken a balloon rubbed it on a cloth and then pass it by your arm and you felt your hair stand up. Well there is a very possible scientific rationale for this phenomenon. Some aquatic animals and the platypus are able to freely use the sense of Elecroception. This is the ability to detect electric fields in ones environment. We as humans have a post-secondary sense of Elecroception. If you have felt static electricity you have had a run in with this sense.

The theory that some spirits use or let off Electromagnetic fields(EMF) or energy could explain why we sometimes get our hair to stand up on end or we feel a difference when we are in an environment of paranormal activity. Many professional paranormal research teams use a meter to detect these EMFs. One adopted way of signify a possible haunting is the presence of EMFs from unknown causes. Also scientific research as also shown that high enough EMFs can make people physically sick and cause hallucinations if exposed for a long time. This backs up the my theory of being able to sense the presence of spirits and the paranormal with the post-secondary sense of Elecropception.

Written by: Michael Stayduhar

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