July 20, 2024


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Should MBBS Students Be Taught Management?

Should MBBS Students Be Taught Management?

Medical knowledge with business skills is a terrific combination. But do medical students have those skills? To develop these skills a business management course is becoming a popular option for doctors. But why not the training is given in the medical schools? Medicine is a highly technical field but for the proper application of this knowledge in today’s competitive world one needs to broaden one’s horizon.

Learning management aspects is important for medicos for various reasons:

1. Managing people is a key requirement to progress effectively as a practicing clinician or for working in a health care sector.

2. Administration of the health-care centres like hospitals.

3. For setting up clinics and nursing homes.

4. Developing effective management and communication skills.

5. Handling difficult situations and people.

6. Using team members as per their strengths.

7. Give effective direction to staff under your supervision.

To develop competency as a manager is a key requirement today. There are various options for doctors who also become managers:

1. Continue as a medical professional with a post graduate degree and open nursing homes / clinics.

2. Work in corporate hospital chains both as a clinician and as an administrator.

3. Work in pharmaceutical companies as a medical advisor giving technical support to sales and marketing.

4. Joining pharmaceutical companies as a marketing professional handling various product portfolios.

5. Joining non – pharma companies in their health care division.

6. IT consulting, research and development in the health care sector.

7. Working in a Clinical research organisation.

The industry is recognising the potential of a medical professional to nurture and cultivate them. Doctors belong to the cream segment of our society and are getting an appropriate position in the management team of the industry.