April 14, 2024


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Speed Reading

Does speed-reading really work? Not if you want to understand anything

Do you have a lot of reading material to get through but not enough time to get through it all? Then, browse through some of the blogs posted on LuminaBlog.com on how to improve your speed reading. However, if you are unfamiliar with speed reading, this blog will hopefully educate you on what it is, its benefits, and when to apply speed reading and when not to. 

What is speed reading?

Speed reading is scanning text, recognizing essential words, and absorbing them quickly. However, some people may struggle to read at an average pace due to poor eyesight. If you think that could apply to you, it would be best to visit your nearest optometrist. For now, you can browse Nihao Optical for stylish eyewear to see what styles appeal to you.

Speed reading techniques

There are a couple of different methods and techniques that can help you learn speed reading. The Pointer/ Hand Pacing Method is one of them. When reading text, tracing your finger line by line can help you identify the most relevant words. The Tracker-and-Pacer method almost works the same; however, you use the ball of a pen to help keep track of each line. Moreover, the Scanning and Previewing Method quickly scans the text, usually in the center. The point of this method is to pick up keywords or essential sentences. 

Benefits of speed reading

There are many benefits when speed reading. One of the main benefits is improving your memory and strengthening your brain. In addition, speed reading requires focus, which can help one become more focused and concentrated on what they are reading, and therefore the information gets processed easier. Moreover, speed reading can improve your logic. When reading, your brain naturally begins to absorb information. Accordingly, your brain will sort through the information quicker and store only the relevant points when increasing the pace and how frequently you read. In addition, reading is also essential for your well-being as it can make you feel relaxed. Including making you feel comfortable as it transports you into another world and makes you forget about your reality for a while. 

When to apply speed reading and when not to

While speed reading can help you scan a document or text, it is not always helpful to use. For example, if you need to look over an important document or study an important case file, it might be best to take your time and thoroughly absorb the information. In addition, studies have found that when speed reading, you do not absorb all the necessary information, which could lead you to miss essential details. That is not to say you should never speed read; just become aware of when you should apply your speed reading techniques and when to put them aside. 

Speed reading is an essential skill to obtain as it can promote and improve muscle memory. In addition, it enhances how quickly your brain can store and access information. While it has many benefits, it is essential to understand when it is appropriate to speed read and when it isn’t.