June 20, 2024


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Strength training for half marathon

How To Fit Strength Training Into Your Running Routine


If you’re ranging from scratch, or area unit one in every of those who ‘only run’, then likelihood is that you’ll want some motivation. Notice one thing, ideally weights or resistant primarily based, that you simply extremely fancy doing and obtain stuck in. Personally, I’d suggest strength training for half marathon kettlebells, body pump or perhaps simply a general gymnasium pass if you are feeling assured enough to handle weights by yourself.


As a private trainer told Pine Tree State recently, coaching for long distance runs, you don’t wish to be reaching for the terribly serious weight. I’d suggest asking one before taking my recommendation – I will solely say what’s worked on behalf of me – however high reps with low weights of any exercise (squats, lunges, leg press and quad extension) mean you’ll be able to strengthen and tone while not building plenty of bulk.

I will suggest metropolis Union Gate PureGym’s Julie Poole as somebody I’ve gone to for recommendation during this respect – and there are lots a lot of round the town to faucet up.

  1. Twice a week

Strength coaching a minimum of doubly per week is unquestionably a decent plan – though it’s not continually simple to suit it in around runs because of recovery time required.

To get around this, consume enough macromolecule and nutritionally sensible for your body to be able to recover properly. This macros calculator from physical exertion.com may be a terribly handy too, as is MyFitnessPal, which provides you a breakdown of the nutrients within the food you’re ingestion on a daily basis.


Runners get therefore hooked in to glutes, calves, hamstrings and infrequently quads, that they typically forget your higher body and arms play a giant half in energy consumption throughout running, too.

It’s price taking note to each space of your body, as well as arms, back and abs, additionally as your legs. whereas you’ll be fine if you’re doing kettlebell categories or body pump, if you’re deciding to travel it alone, it’s price planning to grips with a minimum of the cable space of the gymnasium.