April 19, 2024


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Study: How smart is West Virginia?

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — A review says that West Virginia has minimal intelligence as opposed to other states.

In accordance to a ranking unveiled by Pennstakes, West Virginia has the cheapest intelligence in the country. But what was utilised to make this conclusion? The methodology is based mostly on examination scores, this sort of as the ACT and SAT, instruction degrees, this kind of as the proportion of persons with better education degrees, and normal IQ.

In accordance to the examine, West Virginia has the most affordable price of inhabitants with a bachelor’s diploma, and only 8.43% of West Virginians have an superior degree, with only Arkansas scoring lower. West Virginians also have among the the lowest IQ, according to the ranking, with an average of 97.2. Comparatively, the national ordinary IQ is 98, and 100 is thought of the normal score.

But do these results seriously indicate that West Virginians aren’t as good? Factually, West Virginians are not as educated as other states on average, but they also have among the lowest student debt rate, in accordance to Training Information.

In accordance to the Pennstakes position, the smartest states are Massachusetts, Connecticut, Colorado and Maryland. Four states scored in the most affordable category, this means they scored fewer than 20 factors in the position out of a achievable 100: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia.

To see the total position and methodology, simply click right here.