April 19, 2024


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Super-Detective Flip Book – Two Complete Novels

It was a sincere honor to take on the book review project for Super-Detective Flip Book: Two Complete Novels in light of the fact that this book has allowed a whole new generation of readers to access a very popular series from the 1940’s. Off Trail Publications have worked with Reverse Karma Press to introduce the iconic fictional hero Jim Anthony and his nemesis Rado Ruric in a book that utilizes a very old style – it is a flip book; and this means that once the reader has completed one story, they then flip the book over to access the second Jim Anthony adventure.

The first novel is Legion of the Robots, which is a futuristic science fiction tale that has the popular hero battling Rado Ruric and his robot accomplices. The second novel, Murder’s Migrants has Jim solving crime along with his trusty side-kick, Tom Gentry. Surprising romantic competitive notions stress their relationship and yet they pull through even the most dangerous situations.

The introductions in this book for each story by John Wooley and John McMahan so artfully describe the setting that it gave me a real feeling of nostalgia – even though the series was originally published before my time. I learned a great deal about the era in which the series was released, the readership, how the audience for the series grew and the many writers behind the energetic superhero character, Jim Anthony.

I thoroughly enjoyed this 176 page soft-cover novel and encourage readers who enjoy classic super heros, pulp fiction and nostalgia will enjoy Super-Detective Flip Book: Two Complete Novels.