The next Dragon Age will reportedly be single-player only amid other shifts at EA

The next Dragon Age game will no longer have multiplayer aspects, according to a new Bloomberg report. The game, made by EA-owned studio BioWare, had reportedly “been designed with a heavy multiplayer component,” but it has been turned into a single-player game “in recent months.”

However, we still haven’t seen much of the game since it was first announced with a brief teaser trailer in December 2018, and we don’t know what the multiplayer component could have looked like. Even though the game has been in the works for some time — development started in 2015, reports Bloomberg — there’s still no release date for it just yet, meaning it could be a ways off, and things could change. BioWare recently showed fleeting glimpses of the game in August and in December.

The change comes amid other developments that have apparently

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