These 7 Books on White Privilege Will Help You Better Understand Race In America

With protests against police brutality and the wrongful death of George Floyd ramping up around the country, racial injustice is at the front of our minds. And if you’re a white person, there’s never been a better time to get educated about your role in our society. The best way to do that? Educate yourself about what white privilege is and learn how you can start to acknowledge yours, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Just a heads up: This learning process shouldn’t involve asking people of color to inform you. It’s on you to do the research and bring yourself up to speed. Here, seven books on white privilege that will help you better understand race in America.

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Back in 2018, author Layla F. Saad started a month-long Instagram challenge called #meandwhitesupremacy. In it, she asked people to

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