Free educational resource brings the excitement of 2022 World Games to classrooms

The World Games 2022 and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama are partnering to provide teachers with a free resource that will expand educational opportunities in the classroom.

The initiative – announced on Thursday during an event at Sun Valley Elementary School – is The World Games 2022 Live Healthy, Play Global Toolkit. Created and produced by 40 Alabama educators, the toolkit consists of a variety of downloadable digital resources inspired by The World Games that can be used to help students learn math, science, social studies, physical education and more. The educational program is presented by Foundation Partner of The World Games 2022, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

While designed for children in kindergarten through fifth grade, many of the toolkit’s lessons can be adapted for use by students in any grade.

At the announcement, teachers demonstrated how the toolkit can help them build dozens

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Game-based learning brings play into the high school classroom

In a recent study, Johnson worked with students in her English Methods class to design, build and test an analog board game called Race to the White House. The class worked with a ninth-grade teacher at a local high school who was teaching a unit on evidence-based argumentation. The teacher reported that her students needed more practice making claims based on evidence and anticipating counterarguments.

“We wanted to connect the students’ out-of-school knowledge—their understanding of current events, interest in games and skills expressing their opinions—with the in-class experience of argumentative thinking and writing,” says Johnson.    The class went through an iterative design process to develop a game in which players assume the role of presidential candidates. In order to advance across the board and toward the goal of becoming president, players must argue various policy positions using evidence and commentary to persuade their fellow players.

The project offered the

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