Kill Your Cleverness Curse And Control Your Career: 10 Behavioral Science Tips

Nuala Walsh is CEO at MindEquity, and a Behavioral Scientist with Advisory Board roles in business, sport, and non-profit organizations.

You’ve arrived! You’re a subject matter expert, a sought-out oracle. After years of sacrifice, study and sycophants, your position of corporate power and prestige is assured. Or is it?

Not necessarily! Your knowledge may have become your curse. It’s not that you know too much; it’s that you assume others know much of what you know. Highly intelligent experts often under-explain and over-complicate, leaving non-experts in clouds of confusion. It’s what psychologists call the “curse of expertise,” or sometimes the “curse of knowledge.” 

Many a rocket scientist presenter has boomed or bombed based on their ability to simplify complex topics. But the ability to effectively transfer knowledge is expected, whether from a chief medical officer explaining vaccines, a lawyer advising distressed clients or a leader inspiring hope. And it’s

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Grading is based on a wide range of methods such as tests, quizzes, particular person and group projects, simulations, and shows which permit for faculty students with varying skills and skills to be successful. Algorithms typically play an important part in the construction of synthetic intelligence, the place simple algorithms are utilized in simple applications Technology, while more advanced ones help body sturdy artificial intelligence. Machines are wired utilizing a cross-disciplinary method based on arithmetic, computer science, linguistics, psychology, and extra. When most people hear the time period artificial intelligence, the first thing they usually think of is robots. That’s because big-budget movies and novels weave stories about human-like machines that wreak havoc on Earth.

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Game-theory research earns NSF CAREER Award for assistant professor

According to classic theories of communication — especially the pioneering model developed by electrical engineer Claude Shannon and mathematician Warren Weaver more than 70 years ago — the sender and receiver have the same goals. Both want to share whatever the message is, as free of errors and interference as possible.

But what if they have different goals? With our 21st-century technology increasingly stitched together using Wi-Fi or 5G networking, competing companies could try to prioritize their messages or otherwise seek an advantage.

Assistant Professor Emrah Akyol has ideas about how to solve those concerns, and they involve utilizing game theory to level the playing field again.

Game theory breaks down the interactions of rational decision-makers into mathematical models, assessing and attempting to compensate for any biases that individual participants may have. While it has been developed in the economics realm, STEM researchers also have applied game theory to numerous

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