Parents and teachers describe how it feels to have children returning to school

It’s a strange time to be a parent.

Most schools in the UK have been closed to all but the children of key workers since Friday 20 March, as part of the nationwide lockdown. Parents and care-givers were forced to transform into teachers overnight, tasked with the mammoth challenge of juggling homeschooling with work in many cases. And the gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots” became even more stark, as those without books or the technology needed to access educational resources were left trailing behind their peers.

The news, then, that schools in England were reopening from 1 June – albeit only for certain year groups – should have been welcome. “The education of our children is crucial for their welfare, their health, their long-term future and for social justice,“ Boris Johnson announced during a speech given last month. “So in line with the decisions taken in many

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