Department of Education Visits West Chester University, Highlights Health and Safety Measures, Encourages Students to Get COVID-19 Vaccination

West Chester, PA – Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Secretary Dr. Noe Ortega and Deputy Secretary Dr. Tanya I. Garcia visited West Chester University today and met with the campus president, administrators, students, professors, and staff to discuss campus health and safety measures and the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“As our institutions of higher education prepare for the new school year, we must continue to take necessary precautions to be safe,” said Secretary Dr. Noe Ortega. “I want to thank the West Chester community for their continued efforts to remain safe and encourage those who are eligible to get vaccinated. I am glad to join our postsecondary community to welcome students, faculty, and staff back to campus for a new academic year.”

While at West Chester, Secretary Ortega and Deputy Secretary Garcia also participated in a campus tour. They visited multiple school buildings and classrooms and met with

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Banks vaccinated for COVID-19 | Health and Science

U.S. Rep. Jim Banks, R-3rd, has been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, but that doesn’t mean he is pushing his constituents to do the same.

“I’m a congressman, not a doctor or a pastor. My constituents don’t elect me to tell them what to do or to preach to them,” he told The Journal Gazette on Friday. “It was a personal decision.”

Banks this week has pushed back against new federal guidance urging even those vaccinated to start wearing masks indoors again. And he has spoken against a mandate in the U.S. House to wear masks.

On Fox and Friends First Friday he said, “If you follow the science, there’s no logic,” noting there are far fewer COVID-19 deaths now than when restrictions were dropped earlier.

Banks said he wasn’t hiding his vaccination status, but that no one has asked. He said “it’s not my role” to push people to

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Massive Growth in Global Smart Education & Learning Market (With COVID-19 Impact Analysis) Business Growth, Industry Research, Top Key Players Survey- MDA

Global Smart Education & Learning Market Study Emphasizes Key Market Trends Followed Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

Market Data Analytics has published a report on global Smart Education & Learning market in order to provide the crucial market details including market stability, growth rate, and financial fluctuations. The economic gains and losses are well portrayed in the report in the tabular, bar diagram, and other representative formats to offer a better understanding of the market future and position on both the domestic and global platform. The report also covers the market latest developments, opportunities & challenges, threats, and various strategic moves adopted by the participants operating in the global Smart Education & Learning market.

Our analysts have used primary or secondary research and research methodologies including SWOT Analysis, PESTEL Analysis, and Porter’s 5 Force to offer market facts such as industrial analysis, competitive study, historical or future trends, external or

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Smart Education and Learning Market Size and Growth Opportunities with COVID19 Impact Analysis

Smart Education and Learning Market Size and Forecast 2021-2028 by Verified Market Research specialize in market strategy, market direction, expert opinions, and knowledgeable insight into the global market. The report is a combination of critical information including the competitive landscape; global, regional, and country-specific market size; Market participants; Market growth analysis; Market share; Analysis of opportunities, recent developments, and growth in segmentation. The report also provides other information and thoughtful facts such as historical data, sales, revenue and global market share of Smart Education and Learning, product scope, market overview, opportunities, driving force and market share of Smart Education and Learning. market risks. The report separates the market size, market status and forecast by segments and end applications/companies.

One of the important factors that make this

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