Lagos should embrace pioneer education management system, LASGEMS, says creator

Creator of the Lagos State Government Education Management Systems (LASGEMS), Mr. Abayomi Erogbogbo, is calling on the government to embrace the initiative, which it signed into law in 2007 but suspended in 2016. In this interview, he tells KOFOWOROLA BELO-OSAGIE its relevance.

You are so confident about LASGEMS. What makes the system unique?

LASGEMS provides quality data management for improved school administration and education sector governance. Problem solving is daily and evolving – from the statutory functions, the benefits are lifetime that would outlive all of us as sustainably implemented from 2005/2006. Prudent management from first collaborative external examination registration activated for government public school WASSCE candidates and significantly reduced annual sponsored from over 110,000 to less than 47,000. It saved average of N500 million annually, and over N4billion in nine years from 2007 until abruptly suspended in 2016. It improved WASSCE results public schools by blocking repeaters, reducing distractions;

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‘Exploding Kittens’ creator launches new iOS game combining Scrabble and Clash Royale

Matthew Inman – the developer behind the hit game “Exploding Kittens” – has launched an all-new free game today that’s a mix between Scrabble and Clash Royale. “Kitty Letter” looks like a super fun new twist on the genre of word games, check out all the details below.

Here’s how developer/artist/creator Matthew Inman who founded The Oatmeal describes his innovative new word game that he partnered with Matt Wood on:

I have a new game for you. It’s free. In this game, you unscramble words. These words transform into armies, which march forward and attack your opponent. It’s like Scrabble combined with Clash Royale. It could best be described as “words with enemies.” Because you use your word skills to blow each other up.

In addition to the versus mode which will surely be popular, there’s a fun campaign option. Matthew calls the campaign mode “a giant playable Oatmeal comic.”

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