Classic SF Featuring Planets With Very Long or Very Short Days

Earth is blessed with a day neither of extraordinary length nor of extreme brevity. Currently it is about twenty-four hours long. A quick glance at planets like Mercury and Venus shows us that worlds can have days much longer than Earth’s; bodies like Haumea suggest that days could be much shorter.

SF authors have notice this and written books about planets/planetesimals with different day lengths. Consider these five vintage works.


Mission of Gravity by Hal Clement (1953)

61 Cygni’s world Mesklin is sixteen times more massive than Jupiter. A day less than twenty minutes long means that the gravity at the equator is a measly three gravities. Thus, human starfarer Charles Lackland is able to briefly set down near the equator, where he is subjected to extreme discomfort (rather than immediate death). Too bad for Lackland that the object of his quest, a lost probe, is near one of Mesklin’s

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Trustees extend Springfield’s Sabis International Charter School management contract for 30 days

SPRINGFIELD —The Sabis International Charter School board of trustees voted Tuesday night to extend its contract with Springfield Education Management LLC for 30 days. The previous contract expired on May 31.

The board also approved a $26 million fiscal 2022 budget.

Atu White, trustees chairman, said attorneys for the board as well as Springfield Education Management agreed to extend the current contract to allow time to resolve a dispute around the wording of the new contract.

“A couple of people from the contract committee wanted SEM to submit updated language, which they did. Our attorney had a couple of follow up questions as to their language and I believe it was answered, so I will forward that to you all,” he said to the board during the online meeting.

Of the 12-member board, 11 members were present and all voted in favor of extending the contract. Negotiations have been ongoing

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Why Early Childhood Education Is a Smart Investment for Vermont | Paid Post | Education | Seven Days

From left: Chris Nelson, Keegan Albaugh, Kyle Dodson, Rachel Whalen and Michael Seaver - COURTESY OF LET'S GROW KIDS

  • Courtesy of Let’s Grow Kids
  • From left: Chris Nelson, Keegan Albaugh, Kyle Dodson, Rachel Whalen and Michael Seaver

Chris Nelson is the kind of person all families would love to have caring for their children. An experienced and enthusiastic early childhood educator, Nelson runs Mountain View Child Care in North Troy. The 10 children enrolled there spend weekdays on her 100-acre property.

Their curiosity drives the curriculum. A conversation over the correct color of a cow once launched a yearlong focus on farm animals. The kids’ fear of bees inspired a beekeeping project; Nelson got a hive and some beekeeping suits to show them how honey is made.

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Chris Nelson showing a child a doll wearing a mask at her family child care program in North Troy - CHRIS NELSON

  • Chris Nelson
  • Chris Nelson showing a child a doll wearing a mask
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