FCPS: ‘We have work to do’ after second reported instance of racism during football game

A second reported incident of racism at a football game involving Fairfax County Public Schools students has prompted the school system to schedule a meeting with athletic teams and coaches.

FCPS will be holding a “stand-down” meeting for all athletic teams and coaches “to begin this important conversation to support student-athletes in demonstrating appropriate behaviors required to play sports” in the school division, according to a new statement from the school system.

The statement “speaks to several incidents and we acknowledge that we have work to do as a school division,” FCPS spokesperson Lucy Caldwell told Tysons Reporter.

Of the “several incidents” Caldwell alluded to, two have been widely reported.

The more recent incident reportedly occurred at a junior varsity football game between T.C. Williams High School and James W Robinson, Jr. Secondary School on Monday night (April 5). During the game, a Robinson student allegedly spat on a T.C.

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A Video Game Makes Math And English Classes A Full-Body Experience

Dance parties, movement breaks and jumping around are a typical part of many pre-K classrooms. But jumping about isn’t just a way to get the wiggles out in Greenburgh Central School District, in a suburb of New York City.

Kids here are learning critical math and English skills through an online platform, called Kinems. Similar to a Nintendo Wii, the platform uses motion-based sensors and allows touchless interaction, enabling kids to control an avatar on the screen by moving their bodies.

Miriam Figueroa, a pre-K teacher in the district, said the physical activity combined with a virtual world with bright colors and animated characters is engaging, even for the shyest students, and also for students who struggle with learning differences such as ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism.

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The whole-body engagement is especially important to her students, nearly all of whom are in special education.

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Game on: Science edition | EurekAlert! Science News


IMAGE: NSLS-II scientists, Daniel Olds (left) and Phillip Maffettone (right), are ready to let their AI agent level up the rate of discovery at NSLS-II’s PDF beamline.
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Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory

UPTON, NY — Inspired by the mastery of artificial intelligence (AI) over games like Go and Super Mario, scientists at the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) trained an AI agent – an autonomous computational program that observes and acts – how to conduct research experiments at superhuman levels by using the same approach. The Brookhaven team published their findings in the journal Machine Learning: Science and Technology and implemented the AI agent as part of the research capabilities at NSLS-II.

As a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science User Facility located at DOE’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, NSLS-II enables scientific studies by more than 2000 researchers each year, offering access to the facility’s ultrabright x-rays.

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Duxbury football coach fired over team’s use of anti-Semitic terms in recent game

In addition to losing his coaching position, Maimaron has been placed on administrative leave from his position teaching special education at the school, according to Ellis Strategies, a public relations firm working with the town’s school district.

The status of Maimaron’s assistant coaches is also under review, according to Antonucci.

Calls for an investigation began earlier this week, when Duxbury High officials acknowledged that the school’s football players called audibles — last-second play changes at the line of scrimmage — during a March 12 game by using terms such as “Auschwitz,” “rabbi,” and “dreidel.” Officials from the opposing school, Plymouth North, notified Duxbury authorities afterward about the offensive terms.

In Duxbury on Wednesday, residents expressed a range of reactions to the controversy. Some said they were appalled by the team’s behavior and supported the firing of Maimaron. But others in the South Shore town, including those who personally knew the

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