Unrevealed Star Wars Game from Zynga Aiming to Launch By the End of 2021

Zynga is aiming to release its unrevealed Star Wars game by the end of 2021, with more news to come soon, and a soft launch in the summer.Zynga (Words With Friends, Farmville) revealed that it was working on its first Star Wars game late last year. In the company’s latest earnings reports, the company revealed: “We also expect our first Star Wars game to enter soft launch in early summer with the potential to launch by the end of the year.”

A soft launch is a release strategy often used for mobile games, similar to a beta, but with games usually released in specific territories as developers fix bugs and test server capacity, with a global launch coming later.

Every IGN Star Wars Game Review

We still don’t know exactly what the Star Wars game will be, but it seems we won’t have to wait too long. In an

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‘Exploding Kittens’ creator launches new iOS game combining Scrabble and Clash Royale

Matthew Inman – the developer behind the hit game “Exploding Kittens” – has launched an all-new free game today that’s a mix between Scrabble and Clash Royale. “Kitty Letter” looks like a super fun new twist on the genre of word games, check out all the details below.

Here’s how developer/artist/creator Matthew Inman who founded The Oatmeal describes his innovative new word game that he partnered with Matt Wood on:

I have a new game for you. It’s free. In this game, you unscramble words. These words transform into armies, which march forward and attack your opponent. It’s like Scrabble combined with Clash Royale. It could best be described as “words with enemies.” Because you use your word skills to blow each other up.

In addition to the versus mode which will surely be popular, there’s a fun campaign option. Matthew calls the campaign mode “a giant playable Oatmeal comic.”

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Scientists teach pigs how to play a video game, and pigs are good at it

I’m here live. I’m a pig.

Eston Martz/Pennsylvania State University

Yorkshire pigs Hamlet and Omelette and Panepinto micro pigs Ebony and Ivory are ambassadors for their species. The quartet was the focus of a study that tested whether they could learn to play a video game. Spoiler alert: They were pretty good at it.

Purdue animal behavior specialist Candace Croney and chimpanzee cognition expert Sarah Boysen co-authored a study on the pigs published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology on Thursday. The study chronicles an experiment to investigate the cognitive processes (“such as memory, attention, and conceptualization”) of farm animals.

The experiment involved first teaching the pigs how to manipulate a joystick using their snouts. They were then taught to use the joystick to play a video game on a monitor in front of them.

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The Spin: Teachers Union, Mayor Lightfoot and a new game of brinksmanship? | Durkin says GOP candidates will use ComEd, Madigan as talking points in November election

Reopening schools for the looming new academic year already was gearing up to be a political brawl. But things amped up today as the Chicago Teachers Union — concerned that in-class learning would be dangerous amid the coronavirus pandemic — was planning a House of Delegates meeting next week, a required move on the road to a potential strike.

Anyone who recalls the battles and brinksmanship that played out between union leaders and the mayor during last fall’s knows to brace themselves for a battle.

Parents and guardians were looking to a Friday deadline to inform Chicago Public Schools whether their students would attend in-person classes or stay home. But, as my colleagues reported, sources say CPS — whose CEO and Board of Education is appointed by the mayor — is expected to announce an all-remote learning plan as soon as Wednesday. A source told the Tribune the shift is

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