Education Lottery launches 4 new games

Four new North Carolina lottery games launched Saturday, giving people more chances to win instantly among jackpot fever.Fast Play’s four new games that are $2 each include Bingo Bucks and Frosty 50s, while the $5 include Blizzard Bingo and Red Hot Numbers.Click the video player above for more information about the new lottery games.While Mega Millions and Powerball offer jackpots that can be won in two drawings each week, the Fast Play games have jackpots that can be won instantly.The average jackpot: $1.2 million, according to the North Caroline Education Lottery. As of 9:30 a.m., the current Fast Play jackpot was $386,805 and growing. The odds of winning are 1 in 240,000. “You will now have eight Fast Play games to choose from,” said Mark Michalko, the executive director of the North Carolina Education Lottery. “These are exciting new games because the jackpot goes up with each ticket purchased until … Read More

Mrs. Brinker’s favorite snow day games that are also educational

Games teach children how to take turns, how to win gracefully, and learn how to lose gracefully, as well.

GREENWOOD, Ind. — Stuck inside because of a snow day? 13News Education Expert Jennifer Brinker shared some games that are fun and also educational.

Mrs. Brinker said playing games in itself is a learning opportunity. Kids from a very young age learn how to take turns, learn how to win gracefully, and learn how to lose gracefully, as well. Don’t always let your kid win the game. There are important lessons they learn from losing from time to time. More than anything though, it is a great opportunity for bonding time. 

She listed a handful of games on 13Sunrise that can teach at the same time kids play them.

Sometimes we need them to have a game by themselves and something like Simon is a great solo game and works on

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Mobile App Set up Experts For Games

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