The Edtech Gap Between China And The U.S.

My town in California does the 4th of July right – especially this year, after last year’s celebrations were Covid-cancelled. We had skydivers and fireworks, marching bands and floats, and flags everywhere. As I watched the parade, waving my own stars and stripes without a hint of irony, my wife reminded me it wasn’t long ago that I’d written the following letter to our local newspaper:

The other day at the park I was disappointed to look at the flagpole and see that Old Glory was hard to make out – the colors had faded in our town’s incredible sunlight. I hope the park can rectify this sad situation by either substituting a new Stars and Stripes, or – given the importance our community places on keeping up appearances– simply raising another country’s flag that won’t fade as much.

The next week, another letter writer gave me my just

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How video games in the classroom are helping to jump the digital skills gap

UKIE’s Saeed emphasises the link between games and broader digital skills education, from the clear path to computer programming to perhaps less obvious connections.

“Most children play video games and they engage students equally from all backgrounds,” she says. “Enter a lesson and ask ‘who wants to play a game’ and every single hand in the room will shoot up. Utilising video games within the classroom to help teach these skills should be a no brainer.

“Everything from the game itself -to a game trailer or literature surrounding them or getting students to create games themselves – can teach you everything from maths and physics, to programming, to art and musical composition or even business and marketing skills.”

Whatever the pathway, it appears that involvement in UK education has become an increased focus for games companies. Nintendo recently became the headline sponsor for UKIE’s ‘Digital Schoolhouse’ workshops, which uses

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ScienceLogic Targets IT Skills Gap with Product Fluency Services

RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ScienceLogic, a global provider of AI-driven monitoring solutions for hybrid cloud management, today announced the opening of its Taiwan headquarters — a move that cements the company’s worldwide reach across its international customer base. The regional HQ and broadened support services demonstrate ScienceLogic’s commitment to ensuring resilient user experiences, including by helping resolve the industry’s tech expertise shortages and IT skills gaps worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This effort includes expanded offerings such as a new Customer 360 program that augments the global scale-out of the flagship SL1 platform. This new implementation empowers users’ product fluency while providing global customers with around-the-clock, on-demand ScienceLogic expertise and the flexibility to scale in areas such as day-to-day administration, operation services, and solution delivery.

“Enterprise solutions are complex and unique. At ScienceLogic, we complement our proven and tailored services methodology with integrated expertise worldwide, spanning various geographical regions and

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