Tokyo’s Games Are Harming the Nuclear Weapons Ban Movement

The Olympics are supposed to be a tangible symbol of global cooperation and peaceful competition. But the games carry a lot of baggage—not only from the pandemic

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Nuclear Fusion Is No Longer Science Fiction

Since scientists first demonstrated nuclear power 70 years ago, the second stage of nuclear power has remained just beyond our fingertips: nuclear fusion power. While promising, the ETA on the technology required to develop and build viable nuclear fusion has remained decades away.

Until now. Probably.

A company claims to have hit a critical milestone in the development of a new technology capable of generating power from nuclear fusion, according to a recent press release.

Called TAE Technologies, the fusion energy developer claimed its reactors might generate energy at commercial scales by the end of the 2020s — using a novel ability to produce stable plasma at temperatures topping 50 million degrees Celsius. For comparison, this is more than twice the temperature of the core of the sun!

A company achieved sufficient temperatures for nuclear fusion

The concept of fusion energy promises near-limitless energy with sparse emissions and

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