See GOP lawmaker’s reaction when he’s confronted over insurrection remarks

Democratic Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut did not want to lose his cool, but he said this week he couldn’t help it.

Himes was at the residence of an ambassador with two Republican lawmakers on Tuesday for dinner, just hours after police officers gave explosive testimony about fearing for their lives on January 6 during the Capitol Hill insurrection, when the ambassador asked the group what it was like to be in Congress during the insurrection.

“I’m usually the conciliatory person but I just said ‘screw it,'” Himes recalled to CNN, sharing that he could not refrain from calling out his Republican colleagues in that moment.

“I’m not going to sit here and say anything other than what we all know happened,” Himes added. “I just said, you know, I will never forgive the President for so damaging our democracy and it’s been very, very hard to watch my Republican

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