Director Villeneuve says science fiction epic ‘Dune’ more relevant today

Sept 3 (Reuters) – Tackling politics, religion, the fight for precious resources and the environment, Frank Herbert’s 1965 epic science fiction novel “Dune” is more relevant to today’s audiences, director Denis Villeneuve said on Friday as he brought his ambitious adaptation to the Venice Film Festival.

An ensemble cast led by Timothee Chalamet stars in the mammoth project, set in the future where noble families rule planetary fiefs.

Villeneuve, known for “Blade Runner 2049” and “Sicario”, read Herbert’s 400-page book as a child and described it as a “portrait of the 20th century” which through time became “a prediction of what will happen in the 21st”.

“Sadly the book is by far more relevant today about the danger of the blend between … religion and politics, the danger of messianic figures, the impact of colonialism … the problem with the environment,” he told a news conference.

“His book stayed with

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The Education Management Certificate Course is highly effective and relevant

Dear Editor,

Education delivery in Guyana is not just about nursery, primary and secondary schools. The final outcome of education intervention is because of the positive interactions of the many agencies involved and the services that they provide. However, if there is deficient action of any one agency, the ripple effect will be felt in the system. If in a school every class teacher is working according to expectation with the exception of one, then any child that passes through that teacher’s level will face difficulty in the following levels. Relevant training at the level of the Training College has to be maintained so that this can be transferred to the classrooms. Training of teachers are of vital importance because their competencies are felt by the children.

I would like to make a comparison between the Certificate in Education Administration offered by the University of Guyana and the Education Management

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