US intelligence community’s virus origins report is artificial, political flavoring, not science: Pakistani scholar

Illustration: Liu Rui

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Ninety days have passed since US President Joe Biden ordered for a report probing into the origins of the still ravaging novel coronavirus. On Tuesday, Biden reportedly received a classified report from the US intelligence community that was inconclusive about the origins of the novel coronavirus. It included information about whether or not the virus jumped from an animal to a human, or escaped from a lab in Wuhan. What are the US’ intentions behind its origins-tracing maneuver? Global Times (GT) reporter Wang Wenwen talked to Yasir Habib Khan (Khan), founder and president of the Institute of International Relations and Media Research in Pakistan, on these issues.

GT:  What do you think are the US’ intentions behind its origins-tracing maneuver? Why could a scientific investigation become so politicized? 

Khan: Every intension has its deep-rooted history that gives foundation to spillover action.

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A scholar of peace (Part

While discussing Wahiduddin we cannot escape his forays into the realm of the war between religion and science. His book ‘Mazhab aur Science’ – first published in 1971 as a special issue of the weekly ‘Al-Jamiaa’ in Delhi – has seen multiple reprints. Dr Farida Khanam translated this book into English which Darul Ishaat published in Karachi.

Religion and science became a recurring theme in Maulana Wahiduddin’s writings, in which he mostly discussed the ideological aspects of the two schools of thought. Since his own ideas were strongly tinged with a faith-based thinking pattern, it reflected in his discourse. He strongly believed that the teachings of religion were not abstract but grounded in the ‘eternal truths of the universe’; and the only way to salvation was through ‘reconciling ourselves with these truths’. “We can never deny these truths, nor can we be impartial. Without this reconciliation, any other attitude will

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Expertise For Scholar & Faculty Success

Undergraduate tuition for the 2013–2014 faculty year was $39,990 and whole annual prices have been estimated to be $fifty eight,755. In 2012–2013, Caltech awarded $17.1 million in want-based mostly aid, $438k in non-need-based mostly assist, and $2.fifty one million in self-assist support to enrolled undergraduate students. The average financial assist package of all college students eligible for aid was $38,756 and college students graduated with an average debt of $15,090. News & World Report ranked Caltech as tied for 12th in the United States among national universities general, eighth for most progressive, and eleventh for best value. News & World Report also ranked the graduate programs in chemistry and earth sciences first amongst nationwide universities.


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