US intelligence community’s virus origins report is artificial, political flavoring, not science: Pakistani scholar

Illustration: Liu Rui Editor’s Note: Ninety days have passed since US President Joe Biden ordered for a report probing into the origins of the still ravaging novel coronavirus. On Tuesday, Biden reportedly received a classified report from the US intelligence community that was inconclusive about the origins of the novel […]

A scholar of peace (Part

While discussing Wahiduddin we cannot escape his forays into the realm of the war between religion and science. His book ‘Mazhab aur Science’ – first published in 1971 as a special issue of the weekly ‘Al-Jamiaa’ in Delhi – has seen multiple reprints. Dr Farida Khanam translated this book into […]

Expertise For Scholar & Faculty Success

Undergraduate tuition for the 2013–2014 faculty year was $39,990 and whole annual prices have been estimated to be $fifty eight,755. In 2012–2013, Caltech awarded $17.1 million in want-based mostly aid, $438k in non-need-based mostly assist, and $2.fifty one million in self-assist support to enrolled undergraduate students. The average financial assist […]