Feed Covid status of students on EMIS, schools told | Coimbatore News

Coimbatore: Schools in the district have been asked to feed status of students with regard to Covid on Education Management Information System (EMIS) – a central database with information about every student. EMIS was designed to monitor the performance of education programmes offered by the schools and to manage distribution and allocation of educational resources.
“Recording the Covid status in this centralised database of students would help in keeping track of the positive cases across the state,” district chief education officer N Geetha said. Further, it will also help in effective monitoring and tracking of positive cases, she said.
“All the schools are strictly following the Covid standard operating procedure (SOP) since the reopening on September 1. But the students tested positive were asymptomatic and could not be detected during thermal scanning. While they didn’t show any symptoms like cold or weakness, they were attending classes as usual like other

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Pause on extracurriculars at Toronto schools ‘a really big disappointment’ for students, parents

There’s disappointment all around after Toronto Public Health (TPH) officials told schools across the city to pause extracurricular activities — including sports and clubs — for the month of September.

Laura McIninch, who has two sons, aged eight and 11, said this decision disproportionately affects the kids whose only access to extracurricular activities is through school. 

“For my boys, it will mean some disappointment for sure,” McIninch told CBC Toronto.

“It’s hard to explain to my son in Grade 6 why it’s safe for him to be in a classroom with 27 students, which in Toronto I think is actually considered quite small, but it’s not safe for him apparently to have an outdoor cross-country practice or to have an outdoor soccer game,” she added.

“They’ve been missing out on activities for so long and they’re so desperate to get out there and get active again for their physical health

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Kerala special schools to be “smart” soon

Special schools in Kerala will soon have smart classrooms with advanced study equipment and facilities, General Education Minister V Sivankutty said.

Smart room facilities would be made available to to the students of special schools also, he said on Friday after inaugurating the department’s ‘Jyothirmayi’ project, an initiative via YouTube to support the educational needs of the special students including those who are hearing impaired and visually and intellectually challenged.

As part of the programme, the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) would publish videos, based on various subjects, exclusively for the special kids.

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“Differently-abled children will be given top priority in the online classes. Smart classrooms will be made available to them also,” Sivankutty said.

Stating that ‘Jyothirmaryi’ is designed in such a way that students, teachers and parents can make use of it

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35 Cuyahoga County schools, districts will have blended learning if needed for coronavirus exposure

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Thirty-five Cuyahoga County public and private schools and districts sent forms to the Ohio Department of Education declaring they’ll have blended learning if necessary due to COVID-19 outbreaks.

This is up 14 from last week. Beachwood is the only Cuyahoga school district that hasn’t declared a plan for blended or online learning.

Tuesday was the deadline for sending the Ohio Department of Education declarations of blended learning, which means students will spend a minimum of 51% of the time in the classroom this school year and the remaining time learning at home.

Schools may be faced with blended learning, enrolling kids online schools or tacking additional days onto the end of the school year if there is a COVID-19 outbreak or exposure and the people exposed were nor not vaccinated or wearing masks. If schools did not submit plans for online or blended learning, students will

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