24 schools test high for carbon dioxide, but Education Department says they’re safe

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story incorrectly identified a list of 24 schools as being those across the province with elevated carbon dioxide levels. In fact, they were the 24 Anglophone West District schools that don’t have mechanical ventilation systems.

Some of the New Brunswick schools that lack adequate ventilation systems have tested high for carbon dioxide, CBC News has learned, less than a week before students and teachers resume in-person classes.

Of the 60 schools with no integrated mechanical ventilation systems, air quality results for 24 of them found that “certain rooms, although safe, did have carbon dioxide (CO2) levels above 1,500 parts per million (ppm), which are less than optimal for learning,” said Department of Education spokesperson Danielle Elliott.

She did not say how high the readings were, but did say it is not until levels reach 5,000 ppm over an eight-hour period weighted average, or

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Galena Park ISD opens health clinics in schools

HOUSTON – Galena Park ISD opened health clinics inside several schools that are aimed at promoting health care in the area.

“It is a full-fledged pediatric clinic, in addition to also offering behavioral health services for our students who need counseling and therapy, as well,” said Dr. Michelle Epps with Galena Park ISD.

The district’s students and their siblings can visit a Legacy Health Clinic on three campuses. They include North Shore Senior High School, Green Valley Elementary School and the district is opening one at Galena Park Middle School this year.

“Let’s just say your child gets sick during the school day and has to be sent to the nurses office,” said Epps.

If the nurse believes the child needs to see a nurse practitioner, they can call the parent and get consent.

“(The nurse) literally walks them to the clinic and receive whatever services the child is in

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Athletics – Metro Nashville Public Schools

Health, Team Work, Community & Fun

Metro Nashville Public Schools Athletics focuses not only on physical health, but also on enduring elements of character.

Athletics provides student athletes opportunities to develop higher standards of mental, moral, social and physical fitness through participation in extracurricular athletic programs.

These activities function as part of the total educational curriculum to strive for the development of well-rounded individuals with positive citizenship traits.

All MNPS interscholastic sports are members of the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) and abide by its constitution and by-laws in addition to the applicable policies of the Davidson County Board of Education.

The middle schools belong to the middle school athletic association and abide by its constitution and by-laws. 

All students who meet the eligibility requirements of the TSSAA, policies of the Davidson County Board of Education and/or guidelines set forth by the WMAA are permitted to participate in

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Scores lineup to be tomorrow’s educators in Santa Fe Public Schools | Education

A retired justice of the peace, an accountant and a former firefighter could all be heading to classrooms this fall following a job fair for aspiring educators hosted by Santa Fe Public Schools on Wednesday.

Joshua Winkel, who served in the Air Force, worked as a firefighter and has taught at a community college, was among at least 10 people who walked out of Santa Fe High School with a job offer.

Winkel, who grew up in the area and moved back in June, hopes to teach high school students. He has master’s degrees in business administration and emergency management. But now he’s setting his sights on an alternative license to teach either math or science.

He first turned to teaching after health issues forced him to step away from firefighting in Kirtland. He taught fire sciences at a junior college.

“I think I’d start with subbing just to make

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