AIOps leader ScienceLogic gets $105M in late-stage funding

ScienceLogic Inc., a startup using artificial intelligence for managing information technology operations, said today it has raised $105 million in growth financing.

The Series E round was led by Silver Lake Waterman, with participation from existing investors Goldman Sachs, Intel Capital and NewView Capital. It brings the company’s total funding raised to $214 million.

“It’s a watershed moment for the company,” ScienceLogic founder and Chief Executive Dave Link (pictured) told SiliconANGLE. “This investment is essentially pouring gas on what we’re doing.”

Founded in 2003, ScienceLogic has emerged as one of the leading players in the AIOps market. AIOps is a phrase that was first coined by Gartner Inc. in 2017 to describe how information in IT environments could be potentially managed through automation.

It’s essentially a bid to replace current IT operations management point tools with a broader platform built for hybrid cloud environments from the ground up. ScienceLogic

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ScienceLogic Raises $105 Million in New Financing to Accelerate Leadership in Growing AIOps Market

RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ScienceLogic, a leading provider of AI-driven monitoring solutions for hybrid cloud management, announced today that it has raised $105 million in growth financing. Silver Lake Waterman led the company’s Series E round with participation from existing investors Goldman Sachs, Intel Capital and NewView Capital. The investment will support the company’s continued innovation in the AIOps market and further broaden ScienceLogic’s position within the $30+ billion IT Operations Management software market.

Companies across the globe are adopting cloud strategies and tools more than ever amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with massive demand for digital services and scalability. We believe ScienceLogic is poised to meet that demand as organizations look for hybrid-cloud toolsets from trusted partners to securely harness business agility, cost savings and innovation.

“More than ever, IT Operations Management has taken root as a front-office priority supporting mission-critical digital experiences that define the way we live,

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ScienceLogic raises $105 million to grow its AIOps platform

ScienceLogic, a startup developing an AIOps and IT infrastructure monitoring platform, today announced that it raised $105 million. The company says the investment will support its continued growth in the AIOps market and further broaden ScienceLogic’s position within the IT operations management industry.

AIOps, short for AI for IT operations, is a category of products that enhance IT by leveraging AI to analyze data from tools and devices. Research and Markets anticipates it’ll be a $14.3 billion market by 2025. That might be a conservative projection in light of the pandemic, which is forcing IT teams to increasingly conduct their work remotely. In lieu of access to infrastructure, AIOps solutions could help prevent major outages, the cost of which a study from Aberdeen Research pegged at $260,000 per hour.

Reston, Virginia-based ScienceLogic, which was founded in 2003, uses AI-driven techniques to discover technologies and vendors across physical, virtual, and

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Reston’s ScienceLogic is gearing up for a major hiring spree as it plans to expand

Reston, Virginia-based ScienceLogic is looking to expand its 300-person team by 40{13aab5633489a05526ae1065595c074aeca3e93df6390063fabaebff206207ec} as it gears up for some major expansion plans.

The artificial intelligence-focused IT monitoring solutions provider announced this ambitious goal as remote work is becoming more of the norm. It’s no secret that the current work-from-home trend will outlast the pandemic, especially for tech companies, so ScienceLogic is widening its hiring pool and seeking professionals outside of the region. The company announced that these hiring plans come as it is closing in on negotiations around “major developments” to expand further.

“ScienceLogic’s global growth stands out as a clear illustration of its ascendance of next-generation IT visionaries, practitioners and leaders,” said the company’s founder and CEO, Dave Link, in a statement. “The last year, while difficult for many hard-hit people and industries worldwide, was also a remarkable year. We’re forging a new path forward in customer experience and

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